The 6th RFC seminar – GIM x Infectious Diseases –




Toshiro Goto, MD
Nerima Hikarigaoka Hospital, Tokyo, Japan


The Resident Fellow Committee (RFC) of the American College of Physicians (ACP) Japan Chapter held the 6th RFC Seminar on Saturday, November 21, 2020. This seminar is held twice a year and aims to improve young physicians’ clinical skills through lectures by experts in various internal medicine fields, and the “Bullet Diagnosis Dojo” which uses ACP’s lifelong learning material, the MKSAP. The theme of this year’s workshop was “GIM x Infectious Diseases”. We invited Dr. Harumi Yano (Professor of Infectious Diseases, International University of Health and Welfare, School of Medicine) and Dr. Mikiro Kato (Department of Infectious Diseases, University of Tsukuba, School of Medicine) to join us for a very productive workshop. Although this was our first time to holding the seminar online due to COVID-19, we received over 100 participants across the country, including eager medical students, young doctors, and veteran doctors. The seminar was a great success, with many engaging questions and discussions taking place in the chat room.

The event began with a message-driven case review session featuring guest lecturer Dr. Kato, on a Nigerian patient presenting with diarrhea. The intriguing case reminded us the necessity of returning to the basic principle of infectious disease treatment whenever we encounter complex cases, which is to perform culture and determine drug susceptibility. In the second session by Dr. Yano on antimicrobial agents, Dr. Yano reiterated the importance of linking pathology, microorganisms, and antimicrobial agents to each other. We learned to take a thorough history, understand the entire clinical course, make a wide range of distinctions, and select the appropriate antimicrobial agents for a given microorganism. At the “Bullet Diagnosis Dojo,” we presented a series of four case questions based on the famous ACP’s official question book MKSAP. Participants received educational comments and tips on each question, which deepened their understanding on infectious disease medicine.

RFC will continue to organize events where young doctors and medical students can learn medical knowledge and techniques useful for tomorrow’s clinical practice that will help them achieve a higher level of excellence. We will also continue to strive to be a platform for those who wish to gain clinical experience abroad. If you are interested, please consider joining us.

ACP日本支部 Resident-Fellow Committee主催 「第6回RFCセミナー」




練馬光が丘病院 初期研修医1年目
後藤 寿郎


米国内科学会(ACP)日本支部の若手医師部会(Resident Fellow Committee:RFC)は、2020年11月21日(土)に第6回RFCセミナーを開催いたしました。本セミナーは、内科系各分野の専門家を講師としてお招きし、講演やACPの生涯学習教材MKSAP等を用いた「弾丸診断道場」を通じて、若手医師の臨床能力の向上を図ることを目的に、年2回程度開催しているものです。





RFCでは、今後も若手医師や医学生がワンランク上の診療を目指せるような、明日からの診療に役立つ知識やテクニックを学べるイベントを行っていきます。それと同時に、海外を目指す方々のプラットフォームであり続けられるよう努めます。2021年6月には、初めての試みとなるA C P日本支部年次総会のオンライン開催が予定されております。関心のある方はぜひご参加ください。

New Member of Resident/Fellow Committee

Committee: Resident/Fellow Committee

Job Title: Resident

Name: Sayaka Aoyama

Degree: –

Institution: Mitokyodo General hospital

Division/Department: –

Hobby: Music, Cooking

Message: I do my best. 🙂

My motto is ”Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were live forever” by Mahatma Gandhi.

New Member of Resident/Fellow Committee

Committee: Resident/Fellow Committee

Job Title: Japanese Fellow

Name: Shota Obata

Degree: MD

Institution: United States Navy Hospital in Okinawa

Division/Department: –

Hobby: Ice hockey

Message: あまり、委員会などに参加したことがないので、自分の殻を破って積極的に参加していきたいです。

New Member of Resident/Fellow Committee

Committee: Resident/Fellow Committee

Job Title: Medical student

Name: Rika Terashima

Degree: –

Institution: Gunma University

Division/Department: School of Medicine

Hobby: Traveling

Message: “Chance favors the prepared mind.”

Resident/Fellow Committee 2019


Chair: Yoshito Nishimura Vice-Chair: Yuto Unoki

【Report (What we have done)】

Our committee (Resident-Fellow Committee; RFC) held a seminar called “The 5th RFC Seminar featuring cardiovascular medicine in November 2019. Holding “RFC Seminars” is one of our main projects to broaden the community of RFC in Japan. In November, more than 40 Japanese junior residents and fellows gathered in Tokyo to learn together to strive for excellence in internal medicine frontlines.

Also, we were to help organize the Joint Session of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine (JSIM) and the American College of Physician Japan Chapter (ACPJC) in the margin of the 2020 JSIM Annual Meeting in April. Besides, we had planned six different seminars and workshops for the 2020 American College of Physician Japan Chapter. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both of them were unfortunately canceled.

【Plan (What we are going to do)】

We are planning to organize a “Virtual RFC Seminar“ in collaboration with US-trained attendings at the beginning of the FY2020. Amid the era of social distancing with the COVID-19 outbreak, we believe our committee may work as a “communication and collaboration hub” to connect exceptional Japanese residents and fellows. Also, we will work with the Council of Resident/Fellow Members of ACP to share the best practices to enhance the quality of postgraduate internal medicine training while fighting against the COVID-19 outbreak.

Resident Fellow Committee welcomes new members!


I am very pleased to introduce new members of the committee.

Best regards,

PRC chair Yasuo Oshima, MD, PhD, FACP



Committee Resident Fellow Committee
Name Toshiro Goto
Institution Tokai University School of Medicine
Department/Divison Medical student
Job title none
Message It always seems impossible until it’s
Hobby judo



Committee RFC
Name Koma Hotta
Degree MD
Institution Aso Iizuka Hospital
Department/Divison General Internal Medicine
Job title Resident
Message Persistence pays off.
Hobby diving



Committee RFC
Name Saori Nonaka
Institution Minamisoma Municipal General Hospital
Department/Divison Residency program
Job title Resident
Message  *“Education” is an unconditional ‘GIVING’ without
asking for anything in return: it is just given to the next
Hobby  Reading books, Studying epidemiology, Playing the

The 5th RFC seminar – Deep Dive into Cardiology –

Tomohiro Hirai (Mie University)

Yoshito Nishimura M.D., Ph.D. (Department of General Medicine, Okayama University Hospital)

I believe every one of you might have felt cardiology is difficult to learn. In the 5th Resident-Fellow Committee (RFC) Seminar on November 10, is a solution for those people.

The RFC Seminar is held up to twice a year. In the seminars, we invite internal medicine subspecialists as well as doing a brief “Dr’s Dilemma” like session to disseminate the high-tiered, essential internal medicine skills to medical students and residents. Through the seminars, we aim to get them together to strengthen the community of ACP as well. The 5th RFC Seminar was held in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. The guest lecturers were Dr. Akio Kawamura, Professor and Director of Department of Cardiology, International University of Health and Welfare, and Dr. Atsushi Mizuno from Cardiovascular Center of St. Luke’s International Hospital. Approximately 30 participants gathered Tokyo for the seminar.

In the lecture of Dr. Kawamura, he showed us his career path as a cardiologist as well as his view on medical education and treatment of patent foramen ovale (PFO). He also briefly summarized the clinical implication and rationale to treat PFO, which was meaningful to generalists as well.

Dr. Mizuno organized a session in a group-work style to let participants learn “how to manage heart failure and its complications”. Through the session, participants acquired skills of initial managements, differential diagnosis and clinical management. All the participants apparently enjoyed his session.

Lastly in the afternoon, the RFC committee presented a small Dr’s Dilemma-like session. Not only the participants solved the quizzes, Dr. Mizuno also added clinical implications and reality in the frontline clinical field to every question and answer. We are sure that this was the way to get the most from clinical quizzes.

RFC plan to continue seminars like this. Through the seminars, annual meetings and so on, we hope to contribute to the further development of ACP Japan Chapter as well as the field of Internal Medicine in Japan.

ACP日本支部 Resident-Fellow Committee主催 「第5回RFCセミナー」

平井智大 (三重大学医学部)

西村義人 M.D., Ph.D.(岡山大学病院 総合内科・総合診療科)

「循環器って難しい」、そんなことを一度は思ったことはありませんか?今回のResident-Fellow Committee主催「第5回RFCセミナー」は、そのような若手医師にありがちな苦手意識を忘れさせるような、濃密な企画となりましたのでご報告します。

今回の舞台は11月10日(日)、東京都日本橋。「循環器」をテーマに、河村朗夫先生(国際医療福祉大学医学部循環器内科 主任教授)、水野篤先生(聖路加国際病院心血管センター 医幹)をお招きし、全国各地から学生、初期・後期研修医、さらにはベテラン医師まで、約30名が集いました。





ACP Japan Chapter Resident Fellow Committee Interim Report

Chair: Yoshito Nishimura, MD
The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

当委員会(以降RFC)では、2018年度年次総会にて実施した以下の企画(①RFC企画として新専門医制度に関するシンポジウム ②招聘講師による内科医師のための救急外来マネジメントワークショップ ③若手医師のための懇親会)、及び、10月に開催した第4回RFCセミナーについてご報告させていただきます。