Governor’s Message

Message from the new Governor

After appointed to the post of governor, I was taken by surprise to know that governors have wide range of missions and now I’m feeling heavy responsibilities. However, as the three great predecessors, Drs. Kiyoshi Kurokawa, Shotai Kobayashi and Fumiaki Ueno, had set the right track, I believe that all I have to do is to go forward on the same track.

It has been 23 years since I became a member of ACP. Time flies! In those days, I was a co-chair of a committee of the Association of FJSIM (Fellows of Japanese Society of Internal Medicine) to encourage FJSIMs to join ACP, so Japanese Society of Internal Medicine (JSIM) was a close society with us in the beginning. I think ACP Japan Chapter and JSIM should cooperate in the future again because the purpose of the two organizations is the same. The first cooperation of the two entities was realized this year as a joint session for students and residents in the annual meeting of JSIM. I hope we will have chances to cooperate again and I will make efforts to achieve that aim.    

Thank you for everything you do for our chapter and for our profession.

All the best,

Kenji Maeda, MD FACP

Governor, American College of Physicians, Japan Chapter

ACP internal medicine meeting 2019 の様子

2019年度のACP internal medicine meetingが4月11-13日の日程でPhiladelphiaで開催されました。




日本支部はまず最初に昨年に引き続きChapter Excellence Awardを受賞しました。これは本部の指定した一定の基準を満たす活動成果をあげた支部に贈られるもので,他の多くの支部とともに受賞に至りました。

さらにcompetitiveなAwardとして、John Tooker Evergreen Awardがあります。この賞は支部を活性化させるための革新的な活動を評価するもので、今年は25支部から28件の応募がありました。この賞にnominateするだけで高い評価をうけるのですが、大変ハードルが高く、今年応募したのは全支部の3分の1未満です。そうした各支部の自信作がひしめき合う中,日本支部は他の4支部と共にこのEvergreen Award Winnerに選ばれました。海外支部では唯一のものです。

その受賞理由を選考委員会ChairのDr. Michael Tanの文面を引用しお知らせします。
Your submission, “In the Clinic: Japanese Translation Project,”  captures the spirit of innovation that the John Tooker Evergreen Awards Program seeks to recognize.  The Chapter subcommittee felt this was an outstanding initiative that demonstrates a powerful way that ACP international chapters can be active at the local level.  Subcommittee members commended this program
for not only being innovative, but provides member
encouragement, engagement, and recruitment/retention all in one.
This program is a great model for other international chapters.

このプロジェクトを企画提案され、実務を率先して牽引されてきたPublic Relations Committeeの北野夕佳副委員長,グループを見事に統率された大島康雄委員長、原眞純副委員長、当初責任者となられていた安藤聡一郎前委員長(現理事)、そして実際の翻訳作業に携わった熱意溢れるプロジェクトメンバーの先生方に心より感謝いたします。また忘れてならないのは事務局の皆さまのサポートで、特に事務局の作成した応募文は選考委員の心を鷲掴みするような秀逸な内容でした。




ACP日本支部が、In the Clinic 翻訳プロジエクトが認められて、Evergreen Awards授賞しました!翌日のACP新聞に掲載されました。

In the Clinic 翻訳プロジェクト2ndシーズンも近く募集いたしますので是非ご応募ください。

And a happy reunion at Fellowship Convocation Ceremony with my residency classmate and attending from Virginia Mason Medical Center!! 


この”In the Clinic: Japanese Translation Project”は多くの先生方の協力によって成功しました。


In The Clinic翻訳プロジェクトメンバー


・In The Clinic翻訳プロジェクトリーダー、PRC副委員長

聖マリアンナ医科大学 横浜西武病院 救命救急センター          北野 夕佳


ノバルティスファーマ株式会社 安全性・再審査統括部            大島 康雄


帝京大学医学部附属溝口病院 第四内科学講座            原 眞純


・In The Clinic翻訳プロジェクト補佐

明石医療センター総合内科              官澤洋平



東京女子医科大学 総合診療科      川名正敏

力田病院 内科  小野広一

西伊豆健育会病院 内科  西村光滋

あらまき内科クリニック  荒牧昌信

川田内科医院      川田秀一

きたじま田岡病院/徳島大学          板東浩

筑波大学医学医療系 呼吸器内科    森島祐子

平野内科クリニック          平野昌也

産業医科大学病院 感染制御部        鈴木克典

国立国際医療研究センター国府台病院 呼吸器内科  大藤貴

なかたクリニック 院長    中田壮一

医療法人アリエス まみ内科クリニック 院長              宮地真由美

札幌東徳洲会病院 総合診療部        安尾和裕

相澤病院 総合内科            山本智清

東京医科歯科大学初期研修医          大竹眞央



大阪赤十字病院 第一消化器内科部長、消化器内科統括部長  大崎往夫

やまと在宅診療所大崎 院長          大蔵暢

東京ベイ浦安市川医療センター 総合内科    平岡栄治

東京女子医科大学総合診療科・循環器内科  川名正敏

帝京大学医学部附属溝口病院 神経内科        馬場泰尚

帝京大学医学部内科学講座 消化器内科      山本貴嗣





水戸協同病院     小林 裕幸、児玉 泰介、児玉 祐希子、内田 卓郎、伊藤 慶、橋本 恵太郎、片山 真穂

東京都立多摩総合医療センター       島田 薫



熊本大学             松井 邦彦、谷口 純一、田宮 貞宏、佐土原 道人、小山 耕太、前田 幸祐


神戸大学             森 寛行、乙井 一典、森 健太

加古川中央市民病院         金澤 健司



聖路加国際病院 感染症科             松尾 貴公

聖路加国際病院 内科      木下 雄仁、金 允泰、中村 友昭、西澤 俊紀

神戸赤十字病院 呼吸器内科           杉本 裕史

聖路加国際病院 外科             難波 俊文

千葉大学 心臓血管外科        西織 浩信



東海大学           柳 秀高、沖 将行、峠田 晶子、真鍋 早季、桑野 公輔



名古屋第二赤十字病院総合内科            横江 正道、吉見 祐輔、久田 敦史、末松 篤樹、宮川 慶、竹内 元規、礒田 翔

名古屋医療センター総合内科  安藤 諭



愛媛生協病院         原 穂高、尾﨑 達也、水本 潤希

慈恵大学病院  竹越 大輔



高槻病院 総合内科           筒泉 貴彦、平山 沙織、三木 綾子

明石医療センター 総合内科           官澤洋平、世戸博之、大西 潤、辻本 泰貴、水木真平


東京大学             江頭 正人、泉谷 昌志、林 幹雄、大沢 樹輝、大山 貴司、岡本 耕、後藤 隆之介、千葉 滋



横浜市立大学医学部         太田 光泰、稲森 正彦

神奈川県立足柄上病院     吉江 浩一郎、岩渕 敬介、倉上 優一、安田 優

横浜保土ケ谷中央病院      八百 壮大


・QC担当 慶応大学チーム

慶應義塾大学医学部漢方医学センター      吉野 鉄大

横浜市立大学医学部血液・免疫・感染症内科      加藤 英明

慶應義塾大学医学部血液内科        住谷 智恵子

慶應義塾大学医学部精神神経科、東京武蔵野病院     山本 玲美子

慶應義塾大学医学部血液内科・永寿総合病院        山口 健太郎

社会医療法人財団 董仙会 恵寿総合病院    二川真子

兵庫県立こども病院         広田幸穂

慶應義塾大学病院             丸山 篤志、栁下 陽香

長野医療生活協同組合 長野中央病院          平野 翔大



聖マリアンナ医科大学横浜市西部病院 薬剤部         中薗 健一、勝 綾香


次回のACP internal medicine meetingは4月23-25日でLos Angelesで行われるそうです。ぜひ、ご参加ください。

(PRC委員 宮内隆政)


Student Committee welcomes new members!

New members are joining on!

Hi all,

I am very pleased to introduce the members of Student Committee(SC). Nine new members joined the SC. Please keep in mind these wonderful members.

Best regards,

PRC member Takamasa Miyauchi  MD

Student Committee

Hideta Teshirogi

Gunma University
3rd Year
Student Committee

Yusuke Matsumoto

Kindai University
4th year
Peace bigins with a smile.
Student Committee

Masahiro Kato

Kindai University
4th Year
"The goal comes first, then we perceive. We don't perceive first."
Student Committee

Yuki Shima

Gunma University
5th year
Student Committee

Erika Hiraga

Osaka City University
5 th Year
Do my best
Student Committee

Ai Suzue

Kindai University
5 th Year
Persistence makes perfect
Student Committee

Satoshi Inaba

Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine
5 th year
ancora imparo
Student Committee
Vice Chair

Rika Terashima

Gunma University
4 th year
I am grateful for all of the opportunities ACP has provided me. I have met many wonderful people through ACP and I am very excited for the next ACP Japan chapter!
Student Committee

Tomohiro Hirai

Mie University
5 th Year
“Keep going, even if it is just a little”

ACP Japan Chapter Interim Report : Student Committee

Student Committee

Chair: Tomohiro Hirai

Mie University

The student committee consists of dozens of medical students, mainly in the Kansai region. We are planning a workshop aimed at promoting ACP at the next General Assembly. I have not decided the content yet, but I am thinking about contents related to medical English and study abroad. I would like to do my best to make a good report soon.


Tomohiro Hirai

5th Year, Mie University

“Keep going, even if it is just a little”

ACP Japan Chapter Interim Report : Early Career Physicians Committee

Early Career Physicians Committee

Chair: Akihito Kawashima, MD

Shin-Yurigaoka General Hospital


1 .  What We Accomplished

  1. At the ACP Japan Chapter Annual Meeting 2018, we held a lecture session on “how to train speaking skills in English” for young doctors and medical students who have difficulty speaking out at international conferences because of language barriers.
  2. On June 21, 2018, we held a workshop entitled “English conversation   workshop for those who don’t want to be “a statue” (to become speechless because of language barriers) at international conferences”, a spin-off event of the lecture session at the Annual Meeting 2018.


2. What We are Working On

We’re supporting young doctors in teaching interns and in choosing their carrier paths.


3. What We Plan to Initiate

  1. We’re planning to hold a new event at the ACP Japan Chapter Annual Meeting 2019.
  2. We’re interested in application of advancing technologies in medicine such as AI or deep-learning. We’re preparing to make an opportunity for young doctors to learn about it and have discussions on how it might affect future medicine.

ACP Japan Chapter Credentials/Membership Committee Interim Report

Chair: Koichiro YUJI, MD, PhD, FACP
The Institute of Medical Science, the University of Tokyo

(1) What We Accomplished
Activity of Credentials/Membership Committee since July 2018
Reviewed 7 application forms for FACP advancement and judged the applicants‘qualifications.

– The 4 new fellows were approved for election by the Credentials Committee
until November:

Nagaaki Kotera, MD, FACP
Mitsuhiro Sato, MD, FACP
Tetsuya Shiota, MD, FACP

Hidekatsu Fukuta, MD, FACP

(2)What We are Working On
-Review application forms for FACP advancement and judge the applicants’ qualifications by online.

-Respond to queries from members and board of ACP Japan Chapter regarding membership in collaboration with secretary.

International Exchange Program Committee ACP Japan Chapter Interim Report

International Exchange Program Committee

ACP Japan Chapter Interim Report

Chair: Tetsuya Makiishi, MD, FACP

Saiseikai Shiga Hospital

  1. What We Accomplished
  2. INDIA PROJECT Two members of the IECP, Tetsuya Makiishi and Takahiko Tsutsumi participated in the ACP India Chapter annual congress held in Lucknow, India from August 31th to September 2nd, and provided lectures to enhance the interrelationship between the two chapters.
  3. HAWAII PROJECT The committee has received one applicant for the externship in Hawaii under the supervision of Dr. Jinichi Tokeshi, clinical professor of Family Medicine at the University of Hawaii, John A. Burns School of Medicine. The committee has supported the candidates’ CV and personal statement before submission. The externship is planned in January, 2019. One of the IECP members will be assigned as a mentor to support the candidate before, during, and after the externship.
  4. What We Were Already Working On
  5. FLORIDA PROJECT By the courtesy of Dr. Jerald Stein, well known for his dedication to medical education in Japan, a three-week externship program at the University of Florida was offered to two members of the ACP Japan chapter. The committee has been involved in a selection process for this program. Their externships are planned in early 2019.
  6. DOMESTIC PROJECT We are having a seminar focusing on how to get into a clinical training program overseas, mainly the US, at the end of November in Osaka.
  7. What We Initiated
  8. We started to interact with the ACP India Chapter as mentioned above to seek for the possibility to establish an exchange externship program between the two chapters in future years.
  9. We started to support the externship program at the University of Florida as mentioned above.
  10. What We Plan To Work On
  11. We plan to continue and further develop each PROJECT mentioned above.
  12. We plan to create a network among the members of the ACP to facilitate sharing information and know-how about working overseas as a physician.

ACP Japan Chapter Scientific Program Committee Interim Report



Chair: Sugihiro Hamaguchi, MD, FACP

Fukushima Medical University


What We Accomplished

We planned and held the ACP Japan Chapter Annual Meeting 2018 at Kyoto University. We attracted almost 700 participants with approximately 40 sessions and 100 abstracts. We invited Dr. Jack Ende, the immediate past president of ACP, and has a constructive discussion with eager participants about “Mind & Arts as Essentials for Internists” in the plenary session. The new session, Kurokawa Award, a competition of clinical research presentations, gained a large amount of attention and gave an initial push for increasing academic atmosphere into the annual meeting.


What We Are Working On

We are preparing for the upcoming ACP Japan Chapter Annual Meeting 2019 at the same venues. The theme of the 2019 meeting is “Fostering Lifetime Fundamental Competences for Internists -Beyond Board Certification System-”. The board certification system has been recently revised in Japan and how to integrate mind and experience of general internal medicine into the system remains a great matter of debate in Japan where most medical residents strive to become a life-time specialist. We will have Dr. Robert M. McLean who is the president of ACP to discuss “the wider the general basis, the higher the special peak as a specialist” in plenary lecture before the plenary session with Japanese seasoned physicians.

In addition, we will offer many attractive sessions. The Lecture Marathon starting with Latest Paper reviews is a new session where a summary of the up-to-date papers will be introduced first followed by many short lectures on basic internal medicine will be provided. A special lecture concerning the nuclear plant disaster operation in Fukushima after the East Japan Earthquake will be presented by Dr. Kurokawa. We have also planned the same sessions that are popular in the previous meeting: Dr’s Dilemma (an inter-institutional Quiz tournament by teams of residents), MKSAP, and Kurokawa Award for poster session.

Many attendants will enjoy and learn a lot from English-speaking sessions as well.

We are sure that the increasing number of attendants will be expected to the 2019 meeting with plenty of attractive sessions.

FACP昇格のご挨拶:北野 夕佳 先生

この度FACPにご昇格された先生方をご紹介させていただきます。(PRC委員  宮内隆政)

北野 夕佳 先生



2006-2009年にVirginia Mason Medical Centerで内科レジデンシーを修了し、総合内科医としてのトレーニングを身につけ米国内科専門医を取得して帰国したものの、それをどうやって日本の診療に還元したら良いかを模索していた時期でした。


ACP日本支部において、私はYoung Physicians’ Committee委員(現RFC)、次いでPublic Relations Committee委員、その後PRC副委員長を務めさせていただいております。いろいろなご縁が重なり、In the Clinic翻訳プロジェクトという画期的な無謀な企画もプロジェクトリーダーとしてはじめさせていただきました。これらのことができたのは、ACP日本支部を組織として築いてくださった先生方、現支部長の上野文昭先生、PRC前委員長安藤聡一郎先生、PRC委員長大島康雄先生ほか、ACP日本支部の先生方のお力添えあってのことと感謝いたしております。

このたび、In the Clinic翻訳プロジェクトのご縁もあり、FACPに昇格させていただきました。FACPをいただいたということは、今後もACP日本支部、日本の総合内科医療/教育に貢献するようにとの暖かい叱咤激励と受け取っており、今後とも精進してゆきたいと存じます。

I recall joining ACP Japan Chapter in 2011.

After completion of Internal Medicine Residency 2006-2009 at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle and obtaining ABIM, I was confident of acquiring general internal medicine clinical skill, I was wondering how I could implement what I’ve learned in the U.S. in Japanese clinical training.

I remember when I first participated in ACP Japan Chapter Annual Meeting as one of the lecturers. I was very excited to find a community for aspiring general internists who have the same clinical passion to implement good general internal medicine practice. I felt that by attending this academic annual meeting regularly, I could be confident in my clinical knowledge and skills and would have life long learning opportunity.

I have served as a member of Young Physicians’ Committee and then a member of Public Relation Committee (PRC) and currently am a Vice Chair for the PRC. We as PRC started ‘In the Clinic Japanese Translation Project (ITC project)’ and I am proudly leading this project as the project leader. This project couldn’t have come to fruition without the support by Dr. Fumiaki Ueno, Governor for ACP Japan Chapter, Dr. Soichiro Ando, the immediate past Chair for PRC and Dr. Yasuo Oshima, the current Chair for PRC.

With the successful launch and progress of this ITC project, I have been promoted as an FACP. I take that being promoted as an FACP means to continue to contribute to ACP Japan Chapter and to promote General Internal Medicine in Japan, which I would proudly like to continue for the rest of my medical career.


Seminar Report from IEPC

A Seminar focusing on how to get into a clinical training program overseas

Department of Infectious Diseases, Kameda Medical Center   Emiri Muranaka

A Seminar focusing on how to get into a clinical training program overseas held at the Aijinkai Rehabilitation Hospital on November 25th was a great success. There were 11 motivated attendees including medical students and young doctors from all over Japan.

The seminar kicked off with opening remarks from IEPC chairman, Dr. Tetsuya Makiishi. He welcomed attendees to our seminar, introducing them on our latest activities, including externship programs in Hawaii and Florida.

After his remarks, Dr. Yuji Yamada, who had just completed residency, described the details of residency training in the US and how to study English effectively.

The next session was given by Dr. Takahiko Tsutsumi, which was on mentoring young doctors who want to get into clinical training in the US. He told them how to prepare to get into and survive US residency. ※Oral presentation and so on.

The last talk was given by Dr. Mitsuya Katayama, who gave a presentation about the process of fellowship application and what the infectious diseases fellowship in US is like. He described the typical daily workflow, yearly rotation schedule, and differences between Japan and US in infectious disease practice and fellowship programs.

There was mutual agreement among them with a positive message: “Getting into a clinical training program overseas is tough, but not impossible.” All the attendees were motivated and listened to the lecturer with their eyes shining.

The last session was a highly clinically relevant workshop about the problem representation, a one-sentence summary that highlights the defining features of a case. The “one-liner” statement is used to summarize the patient’s case on rounds in the US.

A post-event survey was administered to all participants. We posed the question, “Did this seminar meet your expectations?”  The overall consensus on this question was a resounding, “yes,” as 100% of attendees indicated that this seminar did meet their expectations.

Overall, the majority of attendees found the workshop to be of value, and met their expectations. We will work to not only meet, but exceed attendees’ expectations in the future.