International Exchange Program Committee

American College of Physicians Japan Chapter: Interim Report 2020

International Exchange Program Committee

Chair Takahiko Tsutsumi
Vice-Chair Yuji Yamada, Mitsuya Katayama

Our mission is to facilitate and promote international exchange opportunities in medical education for members of the ACP Japan Chapter.

Report: What We have done

Online workshop

Because of the worldwide COVID-19 infection, most activities which have been

promoted by IEPC have been limited or postponed indefinitely. To overcome this situation, we have focused on online workshop which cannot be affected by this devastating infection. On October 25th, 2020, IEPC held the online workshop “The first step for U.S. residency/fellowship^ using ZOOM. Total of 78 participants applied to our workshop.

The workshop was consisted of two parts. The first part was lectures performed by 4 physicians, Dr. Jindai, Dr. Nogi, Dr. Yamada, three of whom are IEPC members, and one guest speaker, Dr. Natsumi Tanabe, the current chief resident of University of Hawaii Internal Medicine Residency Program (UHIMRP). Their lectures were focused on the basic information, tips, and updates of residency/fellowship program.

The second part was Question/Answer session. All the questions which were collected from the participants beforehand were answered by the four physicians mentioned above and me, Dr. Tsutsumi. During this session, the function “chat system” were also used simultaneously. Participants can ask questions or comment anything using this chat system which was helpful to make this session interactive. Post-

workshop questionnaire from the participants showed a very positive response.

Plan: Where we are going to

We plan to hold subsequent online seminar which I believe will fit well in the current situation. We are also under negotiation with Dr. Jerald Stein, whose contribution to ACP Japan is well known. We are planning to perform online English oral presentation seminar which will be a great education for young physicians.

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