New Member of International Exchange Program Committee

Committee: International Exchange Program Committee

Job Title: Director

Name: Eiji Ishimura

Degree: MD, PhD, FASN, FACP

Institution: Meijibashi Hospital

Division/Department: Internal Medicine -Nephrology, Diabetology

Hobby: Doing Academic Research, Seeing Patients, World History

Message: I am interested in Intenrational Exchange Program of ACP, particularly in the area of Asian Counties.  My expert field is Nephrology and Diabetology.

Generalism-Continuing Medical Education Committee (Ad-hoc) 2019


Chair: Teruhisa AZUMA

1. Report (What We Accomplished)

・ We established the ad hoc committee named Generalism-Continuing Medical Education Committee, G-CMEC.

・ In G-CMEC, we defined general mind as attitude of physicians to continue to learn and practice the knowledge and skills of all fields toward the patients’ health issues apart from their specialities. We also defined specialist who can practice medical care with general mind as “genespelist”.

・ Based on the above definitions, each member of the committee decided to verbalize their thought and feelings about Genespelist and to use this as the starting point for future activities. (Refer to an attached file)

2. Plan (What We Are Working On and Going To Do)

・ We would hold a workshop “Lecture for Specialist to behave as a Genespelist” in the ACP Japan Chapter annual meeting 2020.We are planning to work on this project in 2021.

・ We are going to talk with stakeholders of the ACP Japanese branch board members the issue concerning a ” Genespelist” workshop for senior residents of each department and young specialists (within PGY-10) belonging to the Japanese Society Internal Medicine. The title of the workshop is “Let’s become a “Genespelist”!!  ~Flexible and cool physicians required for the new era of Reiwa~”

・ We will hold the above-mentioned workshop at least once using the Webinar within fiscal year 2020.

・  We will brush up the questionnaire on practicing with the general minds and conduct another survey targeting senior residents and young specialists (less than PGY-10) of each department.

・ We are planning activities illuminating the value of genespelists by combining work style reform and practicing with general mind.

Resident/Fellow Committee 2019


Chair: Yoshito Nishimura Vice-Chair: Yuto Unoki

【Report (What we have done)】

Our committee (Resident-Fellow Committee; RFC) held a seminar called “The 5th RFC Seminar featuring cardiovascular medicine in November 2019. Holding “RFC Seminars” is one of our main projects to broaden the community of RFC in Japan. In November, more than 40 Japanese junior residents and fellows gathered in Tokyo to learn together to strive for excellence in internal medicine frontlines.

Also, we were to help organize the Joint Session of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine (JSIM) and the American College of Physician Japan Chapter (ACPJC) in the margin of the 2020 JSIM Annual Meeting in April. Besides, we had planned six different seminars and workshops for the 2020 American College of Physician Japan Chapter. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both of them were unfortunately canceled.

【Plan (What we are going to do)】

We are planning to organize a “Virtual RFC Seminar“ in collaboration with US-trained attendings at the beginning of the FY2020. Amid the era of social distancing with the COVID-19 outbreak, we believe our committee may work as a “communication and collaboration hub” to connect exceptional Japanese residents and fellows. Also, we will work with the Council of Resident/Fellow Members of ACP to share the best practices to enhance the quality of postgraduate internal medicine training while fighting against the COVID-19 outbreak.

Women’s Committee 2019

Chair: Noriko Yamamoto MD, FACP Vice-Chair: Noriko Kawashima MD, FACP

1,Report;We Accomplished

We planned to hold the session about communications at the workplace. But the annual session of Japan Chapter cancelled. We discussed the theme of the session on the mailing list actively. Then we would like to encourage young female doctors to hold the session. Dr. Matsumoto and Dr. Tsunemitsu will initiate the session and other members will cooperate with them. I can’t write the theme in detail now .But next year they will hold the excellent session.

Second, we will plan to hold another session or lecture to join the Physicians-Well Being Team. The Physicians –Well-Being Team made the questionnaire about the physicians Burn-Out on line. They performed that and analyzed the data and will organize the data and write the paper. And they planned to hold the session about Burn-out and coaching with Women’s Committee together.

We have our group page of the ACP Japan Women’s Committee at the Facebook. We are posting the news and information about gender equity of women’s physicians and ACP.

2, Plan

1, We will hold the session about communication at the workplace on the annual session of Japan Chapter next June. We will support the young female doctors to hold the more session they plan and pursue.

2, We will collaborate the Physicians-Well-Being Team to hold the session about Burn-Out and Coaching at annual session.

3, We would like to increase the numbers of female FACP. We encourage women’s physician to drive for becoming FACP. We think the measures for that women’s physicians can hold the session at the annual session of ACP Japan chapter by themselves and women’s physicians can join the activities of the Japan chapter without reserve.

International Exchange Program Committee 2019

Chair: Tetsuya Makiishi, Vice-Chair Takahiko Tsutsumi

Our mission is to facilitate and promote international exchange opportunities in medical education for members of the ACP Japan Chapter.

Report: What We have done


Through the process of documents screening and on-line interview, IEPC selected Dr. Yuki Fujita as a candidate of a four-week clinical observership program at the Department of Medicine, University of Florida in 2020. This program was given by the courtesy of Dr. Gerald Stein and started in 2019. Her externship was planned in April 2020, but it was postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, IEPC appointed Dr. Takuya Tanimoto, as a candidate of a four-week clinical observership program at the Queen’s Medical Center, Honolulu, Hawaii. The program was offered by the courtesy of Dr. Masayuki Nogi, a current hospitalist at the center. His externship is currently planned in summer 2020, but it may be changed due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Plan: What we are going to do


As long as above mentioned two host physicians, Drs. Stein and Nogi, welcome our candidates, we plan to send one or two candidate(s) per program per year. IEPC is responsible for selecting candidates and providing them mentorship before, during, and after the program.


We’ve started to interact with other international chapters, such as India Chapter, to explore the possibility to establish an exchange clinical observation program with other chapter(s) in Asia in future years.


IEPC seek to provide online seminars focusing on cultivating a global mindset for medical students and physicians in Japan.

In addition to continuing and developing above mentioned each PROJECT further, we plan to explore opportunities that would be of help to pursue our mission.

Public Relations Committee 2019

PRC releases blog articles as Governor’s Newsletter and updates Facebook page of the ACP Japan Chapter.

Chair; Yasuo Oshima, Vice-chair: Masami Hara, Yuka Kitano

The Governor’s Newsletter

Since February 2018, theclip_image002 Newsletter has been now published as blog issues. ( We have issued 52 articles from May 2, 2019 to May 1, 2020. Total of 17,706 users visited the site and recorded 37,938 views of the articles in 2019 (calendar year). First quarter of 2020 (calendar year), we have lost site visits most likely due to the cancellation of planned chapter meeting.

The Facebook page

The Facebook page of the ACP Japan Chapter is designed to inform the latest articles from Annals of Internal Medicine, Internist Weekly, and other information from ACP and ACP Japan Chapter. PRC members posted 111 articles on ACP Japan Chapter Facebook page from May 2, 2019 to May 1, 2020.

In the clinic project

PRC and collaborating members translate “In the clinic” articles. Total of six Japanese-translated articles have been released in 1st season. This year, we are going to release another set of translation.

Health and Public Policy Committee 2019


Chair: Yuhta Oyama, Vice-Chair: Hiroshi Ono

Our mission is to seek the best possible solutions to professionalism and ethical issues in healthcare and to share these information with the members of the ACP Japan Chapter.

Report: What We Have done

We planned “The Road to FACP – Why do we aim for it?” and held at the 2019 ACP Japan Chapter Annual Meeting.

Plan: Where we are going to go

1) Planned and going to have a workshop at the 2020 chapter meeting titled “The road to an FACP – Why do we aim for it? -“

2) Continue to develop a model to resolve common challenges on medical professionalism

3) Preparation of criteria for COI disclosure of roles at ACP Japan Chapter (ACP-JC) and COI disclosure at annual meeting of ACP-JC

4) Attempt to update the page of professionalism on the homepage of ACP-JC

5) Attempt to publish Choosing Wisely lists as the ACP-JC based on questionnaire of ACP-JC members

6) Examine and discuss “End of life care” that would more suitable for Japanese medical circumstances

7) Analyze the attitude of ACP headquarters towards COI and report it to the ACP-JC members

Scientific Program Committee 2019

Chair: Sugihiro Hamaguchi Vice-Chair: Shunpei Yoshino

1. REPORT(What we have done)

It is terribly regrettable to report that two major annual events, The ACP Japan Chapter Annual Meeting 2020 and The Joint session with Japanese society of Internal Medicine, were cancelled because of the enormous impact of corona virus disease 2019 pandemic not merely on our preparation procedures for the events but also all participants’ health and lifestyles changes.

The annual meeting 2020 was planned to be held on June 6 and 7, 2020 at Kyoto university and The Joint session with Japanese society of Internal Medicine was on April 11, 2020.

2. PLAN(What we are going to do)

We will prepare for the next annual meeting held in June 2021. Given the unclear situation of Covid-19 in 2021, we have to come up with a new and feasible style of academic meetings for the “post-corona” era. A meeting style should avoid 3 Cs (Closed spaces, Crowded places, Close-contact setting). A hybrid type of meeting using real and online meetings will be a promising candidate. The venue must be large enough for social distancing. Decontamination procedure is necessary in front of every room or venue. We would like to expect any ideas from all ACP Japan Chapter members what is the best meeting style for the post-corona era.

We are planning on the Primary Care Research connect (PCR connect) annual meeting 2020, integrated research network among ACP Japan Chapter, Japan Primary Care Association, and Society for Clinical Epidemiology for the enforcement of primary care related research outputs from Japan. It is planned to be held on December 12 and 13, 2020.

Local Nominations Committee 2019

Chair: Masao Nagayama Vice-Chairs: Toshihiko Hata, Takeshi Yanagawa


Report: What we have done

We selected the following ACP members to receive each award;

Volunteerism Award

Takaaki Ishiyama, MD, FACP (ACP Number 01307662)

Sakura Award of Excellence

There was not an applicable person this year.

ACP Japan Chapter Contribution Award (ACPJCCA)

Hiroshi Yoshida, MD, FACP (ACP Number 01283876)

Yuhta Oyama, MD, FACP (ACP Number 01288145)

Laureate Award

Keijiro Saku, MD, FACP (ACP Number 01075550)

Masaya Kino, MD, FACP (ACP Number 01166385)


We nominated an ACP member for the mastership;

MACP (Master of the ACP)

We nominated a candidate but undisclosed until officially

approved by the ACP

ACP Japan Chapter Academic Award (ACPJCAA)new award

Will be awarded to those ACP members or non-members who contributed to the ACP Japan Chapter through clinical medicine (every aspect of clinical research and practice) or basic medicine.

PLAN: Where we are going to go

– Started preparation of the nominating and supporting letters for the Mastership nominee.

– Started preparation to launch the new Awards by the ACP Japan Chapter based on the encouragement by the ACP which may include the following awards;

ACP Japan Chapter Young Leadership Award (ACPJCYLA)

ACP Japan Chapter Women Leadership Award (ACPJCWLA)

ACP Japan Chapter Senior Contribution Award (ACPJCSCA)

ACP Japan Chapter Student Committee 2019


Chair: Rika Terashima, Vice-Chair: Masahiro Kato

Our mission is to facilitate interest and interaction amongst ACP student members and, provide an educational experience, and contribute to the further success of ACP Japan Chapter (ACPJC).

1. REPORT- what we have done

We had originally planned a student session during the ACPJC Annual Meeting in Kyoto. However, due to the spread of COVID-19, the ACPJC Annual Meeting was cancelled and we did not present our student session. Here, we describe what we originally had planned.

Our session was titled “Clinical skills in English”, and we would act out a case, with a student posing as the patient, the doctor, and the rest as presenters. We would do history-taking and physical examination in English, and discuss differential diagnosis. The reason we chose this topic is because many students wanted to learn how to apply the clinical skills they learned in Japanese to English. We believed this would be educational to students who wish to study abroad in the future, and to students who wish to feel more confident communicating with patients from foreign countries. The session would be interactive involving both us, student committee presenters, and the audience. We invited several physicians who had experience practicing medicine in the U.S. to our session, so we may receive professional feedback. It is very disappointing that we were not able to present our final work, but the process of planning for this session, finding a case, and translating it to English/Japanese, proved to be educational. Through this preparation we, the student committee members, were able to get to know one another.

In an effort to present our work to the public, and recruit more people for the student committee, we have created an ACPJC student committee Facebook page. The ACPJC student committee is unfortunately not well-known amongst medical students and we wanted more people to recognize the student committee and what we do. Our Facebook page was modelled after the ACPJC Resident Fellow Committee Facebook page. In under 3 weeks, our Facebook page reached over 95 likes/follows.

ACPJC Student Committee Facebook page link:

2. PLAN- what we are going to do

We have just closed receiving applications for members for the next year (starting July), and we are currently in the selection process.

Hideta Teshirogi, 5th year medical student, will be the new chair for the student committee next year.

Over the next year, we plan to prepare a student session for the next ACPJC Annual Meeting and continue promoting the student committee’s activities on our Facebook page.