Resident-Fellow Committee

American College of Physician Japan Chapter: Interim Report 2020

Resident-Fellow Committee

Koma Hotta, MD
Department of General Internal Medicine
Aso Iizuka Hospital

Report (What we have done)

Our committee (Resident-Fellow Committee; RFC) held a seminar called “The 6th RFC Seminar featuring infectious disease in November 2020. Holding “RFC Seminars” is one of our main projects to broaden the community of RFC in Japan. In November, more than 100 Japanese medical students, junior residents and fellows gathered on web seminar to learn together to strive for excellence in internal medicine frontlines.

Also, we posted an article about RFC semiar on ACP Japan Chapter RFC Facebook page on purpose of increasing the number of ACP members.

Plan (What we are going to do)

We are planning to organize a new seminar, by which junior residents and fellows can enhance the quality of postgraduate internal medicine training. At the same time, it is intended to become a “communication and collaboration hub”. We will find the best way to enhance the quality of postgraduate internal medicine training with the COVID-19 outbreak.

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