Student Committee

American College of Physicians Japan Chapter: Interim Report 2020

Student Committee

Chair: Hideta Teshirogi
Vice-Chair: Takeshi Matsushita

Our mission is to facilitate interest and interaction amongst ACP student members, provide an educational experience, and contribute to the further success of ACP Japan Chapter (ACPJC) and its international collaborations.

1.REPORT: What we have done

Recruited 11 new student committee members

We recruited 11 new committee members from 9 medical schools

including a medical school in China. Our new diverse and international members have widened our horizons and brought unique perspectives to our projects.

Survey: Japanese medical students’ view on their future international career

We conducted an online survey to bring to light Japanese medical students’ current thoughts on pursuing an international career in the future. The aim of our survey was to use the results to provide better educational opportunities and much-needed information to medical students. We had 549 participants from 58 universities, covering 70% of Japanese medical schools.

Public relations (Facebook page / Twitter Account)

In an effort to present our work to the public, we have created an ACPJC student committee Twitter account in addition to the Facebook page we already have. We have posted self-introductions of each committee member and meeting reports so that viewers feel closer to our organization. Our Facebook page has reached over 148 follows and 9639 views.

2. PLAN: What we are going to do

Using the data we collected from the survey, we plan to hold seminars that respond to the participants’ needs and wishes. The topics include practicing international standardized medical history taking and learning how to pursue an international career as a Japanese physician. Simultaneously, we will prepare for the ACPJC Annual Meeting’s student session for next year and continue our SNS activities on Facebook and Twitter.

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