Women’s Committee

American College of Physicians Japan Chapter Interim Report 2020

Women’s Committee

Chair: Noriko Yamamoto MD, FACP

Report: What we have done:

The Women’s Committee has 10 members including 4 male members. We started out with 6 female members from 2017 July. I am pleased to increase the male members. That’s because the female members don’t know how the male physicians feel about something female physicians work and struggle. And when the male members talk about their confusion to attend some problem with female physicians on our mailing list, female members notice their confusion and find their own problems and other obstacles .I think it’s important that such a mutual understanding keep going for long time, moreover the male and female physicians will get to sympathize each other.

Session Plan:

This June we couldn’t hold the annual session of Japan Chapter, we have a plan to hold the session at next annual meeting. We collaborate with the Physician’s Well-Being Team and have a plan to hold the work shop about physician ‘s Burn-out.

Facebook Page

  We have the Facebook page. We post the news and articles of ACP and other information, news about gender inequity.

Woman in Medicine Month (September)

We recommended a FACP from women’s members on September, Dr. Naoko Iwasaki MD.

Plan: What we are going to:

  We will hold the session about communications at the workplace next meeting. We are making the details of this session concretely. We collaborate with the Physicians Well-Being Team; we might have the workshop about physician’s Burn-out and coaching next year except annual meeting. I want to increase more female FACPs in Japan Chapter. I wish many female physicians will have activities in ACP Japan Chapter vividly, I will recruit some members for Women’s Committee next term.

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