Generalism-Continuing Medical Education Committee

American College of Physicians Japan Chapter Interim Report 2020

Chair: Teruhisa Azuma

1. REPORT (What We have done)

  • We defined general mind and “genespelist” as follows respectively in 2019.

      1. General mind: An attitude of physicians to continue to learn and practice the knowledge and skills of all fields toward the patients’ health issues apart from their specialities.
      2. Genespelist: A specialist who can practice medical care with general mind mentioned above.
  • In 2020, we conducted the following activities based on the concept mentioned before.

      1. We eternalized our thoughts concerning “genespelist”, respectively
      2. We summarized the concept and practices as a graphic record named as “the skill up for generalist through collaboration with specialist”, for generalists to collaborate with specialists.

2. PLAN (What We are going to do)

    • We will organize the corresponding workshop entitled as “The Genespelist Course for Specialist” in the ACP-JC 2021, which was being held in 2020.

    • We will hold the case conference and/or workshop using products mentioned above.

    • We will brush up the questionnaire on practicing with the general mind and conduct another survey targeting senior residents and young specialists (within PGY10) of each department.

    • We are planning activities illuminating the value of genespelists by combining work style reform in Japan and practicing medical care with general mind.

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