Resident/Fellow Committee 2019


Chair: Yoshito Nishimura Vice-Chair: Yuto Unoki

【Report (What we have done)】

Our committee (Resident-Fellow Committee; RFC) held a seminar called “The 5th RFC Seminar featuring cardiovascular medicine in November 2019. Holding “RFC Seminars” is one of our main projects to broaden the community of RFC in Japan. In November, more than 40 Japanese junior residents and fellows gathered in Tokyo to learn together to strive for excellence in internal medicine frontlines.

Also, we were to help organize the Joint Session of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine (JSIM) and the American College of Physician Japan Chapter (ACPJC) in the margin of the 2020 JSIM Annual Meeting in April. Besides, we had planned six different seminars and workshops for the 2020 American College of Physician Japan Chapter. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both of them were unfortunately canceled.

【Plan (What we are going to do)】

We are planning to organize a “Virtual RFC Seminar“ in collaboration with US-trained attendings at the beginning of the FY2020. Amid the era of social distancing with the COVID-19 outbreak, we believe our committee may work as a “communication and collaboration hub” to connect exceptional Japanese residents and fellows. Also, we will work with the Council of Resident/Fellow Members of ACP to share the best practices to enhance the quality of postgraduate internal medicine training while fighting against the COVID-19 outbreak.

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