Generalism-Continuing Medical Education Committee (Ad-hoc) 2019


Chair: Teruhisa AZUMA

1. Report (What We Accomplished)

・ We established the ad hoc committee named Generalism-Continuing Medical Education Committee, G-CMEC.

・ In G-CMEC, we defined general mind as attitude of physicians to continue to learn and practice the knowledge and skills of all fields toward the patients’ health issues apart from their specialities. We also defined specialist who can practice medical care with general mind as “genespelist”.

・ Based on the above definitions, each member of the committee decided to verbalize their thought and feelings about Genespelist and to use this as the starting point for future activities. (Refer to an attached file)

2. Plan (What We Are Working On and Going To Do)

・ We would hold a workshop “Lecture for Specialist to behave as a Genespelist” in the ACP Japan Chapter annual meeting 2020.We are planning to work on this project in 2021.

・ We are going to talk with stakeholders of the ACP Japanese branch board members the issue concerning a ” Genespelist” workshop for senior residents of each department and young specialists (within PGY-10) belonging to the Japanese Society Internal Medicine. The title of the workshop is “Let’s become a “Genespelist”!!  ~Flexible and cool physicians required for the new era of Reiwa~”

・ We will hold the above-mentioned workshop at least once using the Webinar within fiscal year 2020.

・  We will brush up the questionnaire on practicing with the general minds and conduct another survey targeting senior residents and young specialists (less than PGY-10) of each department.

・ We are planning activities illuminating the value of genespelists by combining work style reform and practicing with general mind.

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