Women’s Committee 2019

Chair: Noriko Yamamoto MD, FACP Vice-Chair: Noriko Kawashima MD, FACP

1,Report;We Accomplished

We planned to hold the session about communications at the workplace. But the annual session of Japan Chapter cancelled. We discussed the theme of the session on the mailing list actively. Then we would like to encourage young female doctors to hold the session. Dr. Matsumoto and Dr. Tsunemitsu will initiate the session and other members will cooperate with them. I can’t write the theme in detail now .But next year they will hold the excellent session.

Second, we will plan to hold another session or lecture to join the Physicians-Well Being Team. The Physicians –Well-Being Team made the questionnaire about the physicians Burn-Out on line. They performed that and analyzed the data and will organize the data and write the paper. And they planned to hold the session about Burn-out and coaching with Women’s Committee together.

We have our group page of the ACP Japan Women’s Committee at the Facebook. We are posting the news and information about gender equity of women’s physicians and ACP.

2, Plan

1, We will hold the session about communication at the workplace on the annual session of Japan Chapter next June. We will support the young female doctors to hold the more session they plan and pursue.

2, We will collaborate the Physicians-Well-Being Team to hold the session about Burn-Out and Coaching at annual session.

3, We would like to increase the numbers of female FACP. We encourage women’s physician to drive for becoming FACP. We think the measures for that women’s physicians can hold the session at the annual session of ACP Japan chapter by themselves and women’s physicians can join the activities of the Japan chapter without reserve.

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