ACP Japan Chapter Student Committee 2019


Chair: Rika Terashima, Vice-Chair: Masahiro Kato

Our mission is to facilitate interest and interaction amongst ACP student members and, provide an educational experience, and contribute to the further success of ACP Japan Chapter (ACPJC).

1. REPORT- what we have done

We had originally planned a student session during the ACPJC Annual Meeting in Kyoto. However, due to the spread of COVID-19, the ACPJC Annual Meeting was cancelled and we did not present our student session. Here, we describe what we originally had planned.

Our session was titled “Clinical skills in English”, and we would act out a case, with a student posing as the patient, the doctor, and the rest as presenters. We would do history-taking and physical examination in English, and discuss differential diagnosis. The reason we chose this topic is because many students wanted to learn how to apply the clinical skills they learned in Japanese to English. We believed this would be educational to students who wish to study abroad in the future, and to students who wish to feel more confident communicating with patients from foreign countries. The session would be interactive involving both us, student committee presenters, and the audience. We invited several physicians who had experience practicing medicine in the U.S. to our session, so we may receive professional feedback. It is very disappointing that we were not able to present our final work, but the process of planning for this session, finding a case, and translating it to English/Japanese, proved to be educational. Through this preparation we, the student committee members, were able to get to know one another.

In an effort to present our work to the public, and recruit more people for the student committee, we have created an ACPJC student committee Facebook page. The ACPJC student committee is unfortunately not well-known amongst medical students and we wanted more people to recognize the student committee and what we do. Our Facebook page was modelled after the ACPJC Resident Fellow Committee Facebook page. In under 3 weeks, our Facebook page reached over 95 likes/follows.

ACPJC Student Committee Facebook page link:

2. PLAN- what we are going to do

We have just closed receiving applications for members for the next year (starting July), and we are currently in the selection process.

Hideta Teshirogi, 5th year medical student, will be the new chair for the student committee next year.

Over the next year, we plan to prepare a student session for the next ACPJC Annual Meeting and continue promoting the student committee’s activities on our Facebook page.

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