Local Nominations Committee 2019

Chair: Masao Nagayama Vice-Chairs: Toshihiko Hata, Takeshi Yanagawa


Report: What we have done

We selected the following ACP members to receive each award;

Volunteerism Award

Takaaki Ishiyama, MD, FACP (ACP Number 01307662)

Sakura Award of Excellence

There was not an applicable person this year.

ACP Japan Chapter Contribution Award (ACPJCCA)

Hiroshi Yoshida, MD, FACP (ACP Number 01283876)

Yuhta Oyama, MD, FACP (ACP Number 01288145)

Laureate Award

Keijiro Saku, MD, FACP (ACP Number 01075550)

Masaya Kino, MD, FACP (ACP Number 01166385)


We nominated an ACP member for the mastership;

MACP (Master of the ACP)

We nominated a candidate but undisclosed until officially

approved by the ACP

ACP Japan Chapter Academic Award (ACPJCAA)new award

Will be awarded to those ACP members or non-members who contributed to the ACP Japan Chapter through clinical medicine (every aspect of clinical research and practice) or basic medicine.

PLAN: Where we are going to go

– Started preparation of the nominating and supporting letters for the Mastership nominee.

– Started preparation to launch the new Awards by the ACP Japan Chapter based on the encouragement by the ACP which may include the following awards;

ACP Japan Chapter Young Leadership Award (ACPJCYLA)

ACP Japan Chapter Women Leadership Award (ACPJCWLA)

ACP Japan Chapter Senior Contribution Award (ACPJCSCA)

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