Governor’s Message


Dear ACP members and friends,

I hope you and your families are safe and well.

As covid-19 spreads around the world including this country, I believe all of you, more or less, have involved in the fight against the virus. Thank you for everything for you’re doing on a daily basis to support one another and your patients.

Normally, in this timing of newsletter, I would tell about the success of the recent ACP meeting, the Internal Medicine Meeting 2020, but as you may have already known, it was unfortunately cancelled.

We too had to cancel all the schedule concerning our chapter meeting in June due to this crisis, although now it seems that the first wave of the awful pandemic is passing…

As for the information concerning the pandemic, ACP is compiling first-hand accounts and relevant resources from the internal medicine community during these challenging times, helping you stay informed with the latest articles. You can find the resources on the ACP website. “COVID-19: An ACP Physician’s Guide” is available at the top page. (If it’s not available, access the Clinical Information bar at the top.) It is a great resource provided by ACP!

I look forward to reuniting as a chapter. Until then, stay safe and well.


Kenji Maeda, MD, FACP

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