Public Relations Committee welcomes new members!


I am very pleased to introduce new members of the committee.

Best regards,

PRC chair Yasuo Oshima, MD, PhD, FACP



Committee Public Relations Committee
Name Fumitaka Okajima
Degree MD, PhD
Institution Nippon Medical School Chiba Hokusoh
Department/Divison Department of Endocrinology
Job title Senior Associate Professor
Message work hard and play hard
Hobby Playing the musical instruments



Committee PRC
Name Keiichi Moriya
Degree MD, PhD
Institution Shinmatsudo Central General Hospital
Department/Divison Hematology
Job title
Message Vita sine litteris mors est.
Hobby Gardening, breeding killifish


Committee PRC
Name Shimpei Mizuki
Degree MD
Institution Akashi Medical Center
Department/Divison General internal medicine
Job title  resident 
Message Gently in Manner, Strongly in Deed
Hobby table game, musical


Committee PRC
Name Akihiro Ohmoto
Degree MD, PhD
Institution Cancer Institute Hospital, Japanese Foundation for
Cancer Research
Department/Divison Division of Medical Oncology
Job title Medical staff
Message I would like to make some contribution by keeping
making efforts.
Hobby Travel, reading


Committee PRC
Name Kenichi Ikeda
Degree MD
Institution Kagoshima City Hospital
Department/Divison internal medicine
Job title head
Message Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do
Hobby travel



Committee PRC
Name Ryuto Shiraishi
Degree MD
Institution Kohnan Hospital
Department/Divison Palliative Medicine
Job title Clinical Fellow
Message A stitch in time saves nine.
Hobby Watching football gamesGoing to museums




Committee PRC
Name Tetsuro Aita
Degree MD
Institution Fukushima medical university
Department/Divison General Internal Medicine
Job title Teaching / Research Associate
Message If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish
Hobby Reading

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