Health and Public Policy Committee welcomes new members!


I am very pleased to introduce new members of the committee.

Best regards,

PRC chair Yasuo Oshima, MD, PhD, FACP

Yusaku Kajihara 顔写真2

Yusaku Kajihara
Degree  MD, FACP
Institution Fuyoukai Murakami Hospital
Department Division Department of Gastroenterology
Job title Staff Physician
Message Your affiliation doesn’t necessarily ensure
your ability as a physician. In any hospital or clinic, it is important to make unflagging efforts.
Hobby Job


Committee HPPC
Name Naoko Iwasaki
Degree  M.D., Ph.D., 
Institution Tokyo Women’s Medical University
Department Division Insitute of Geriatorics, Institute of Medical
Genetics, Diabetes Center
Job title Professor
Message How can I serve for patients ?
Hobby Kabuki,  Fitness


Committee HPPC
Name Yasuhide Yamada
Degree  MD, PhD, FACP
Institution National Center for Global Health and
Department Division NCGM Comprehensive Cancer Center
Job title Director
Message All’s well that ends well.
Hobby Ski, baseball

Committee HPPC
Name Asahiko Oguchi
Degree  MD, FACP
Institution SAN MEDICAL CLINIC aoba
Department Division Internal Medicine, Home care
Job title President
Message contribute to society while developing myself with
Hobby music, walking, photograph

ono fa

Committee HPPC
Name Takuya Ono
Degree  MD, PhD, MMA
Institution Medical corporation association Toikai, Ono Cardiology
and Internal medicine Medical Office
Department Division Cardiology
Job title Chief director
Message With greater power comes greater
Hobby travel, photograph

森本勝彦 写真

Committee Health
and Public Policy Committee
Name Katsuhiko Morimoto
Degree  MD, FACP
Institution Nara Prefecture Western Medical Center
Department Division Division of Nephrology, Department of Internal
Job title Director
Message It’s never too late to start something
Hobby Travel, Photograph



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