International Exchange Program Committee welcomes new members!


I am very pleased to introduce new members of the committee.

Best regards,

PRC chair Yasuo Oshima, MD, PhD, FACP


Committee International Exchange Program
Name Kanako Fukuda Kato
Degree Master of Engineering 
Institution Yamaguchi University 
Department/Divison 3rd Grade
Job title Student 
Message All the things are possible until they are proved
impossible and even the impossible may only be so as of now.
Hobby Working out, jogging, reading, drinking wine, studying
medical, traveling

Kazuaki Jindai


Committee IEPC
Name Kazuaki Jindai
Degree MD, MPH
Institution Kyoto University 
Department/Divison Department of Healthcare Epidemiology
Job title DrPH candidate 
Message Flexible
Hobby Jogging

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