ACP Japan Chapter Credentials/Membership Committee Interim Report

Chair: Koichiro YUJI, MD, PhD, FACP
The Institute of Medical Science, the University of Tokyo

(1) What We Accomplished
Activity of Credentials/Membership Committee since July 2018
Reviewed 7 application forms for FACP advancement and judged the applicants‘qualifications.

– The 4 new fellows were approved for election by the Credentials Committee
until November:

Nagaaki Kotera, MD, FACP
Mitsuhiro Sato, MD, FACP
Tetsuya Shiota, MD, FACP

Hidekatsu Fukuta, MD, FACP

(2)What We are Working On
-Review application forms for FACP advancement and judge the applicants’ qualifications by online.

-Respond to queries from members and board of ACP Japan Chapter regarding membership in collaboration with secretary.

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