Chapter Business Report 2017-2018: WC

Women’s Committee:

Chair; Noriko Yamamoto MD, FACP, Yamamoto Clinic

Co-Chair; Noriko Kawashima, MD, FACP, Kawashima Neurology Clinic

Members; Keiko Arai MD, FACP, Arai Clinic

Yuko Morishima MD, FACP, Division of Clinical Medicine Department of Pulmonary Medicine, University of Tsukuba

Eri Kimura,MD,Iizuka hospital



We has started the activity of Women’s committee on late July 2017.

We hold the panel Discussion at the annual session of ACP Japan Chapter (Today)

3 Women’s Leader talk and discuss important and tough subjects what young female doctors take great interest . They will give many tips to young doctors and medical students.

*We opened a page of Facebook as ACP Japan Women’s Committee(Closed Group)



Next year we will hold a session to encourage young female doctors and students

In the annual session of ACP Japan chapter.

We will recruit some members this year.( es,young doctors and medical students)

We will have a plan to make a networking of female doctors and medical students in ACP Japan Chapter. We will be able to have mentorship among the chapter in the future. We also will utilize our facebook page.

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