Chapter Business Report 2017-2018: SPC

Scientific Program Committee

Chair; Yugo Shibagaki,  MD, FACP


Agenda 1  Organization 2017-18


Chair:  Yugo Shibagaki

Vice-chair:  Teruhisa Azuma, Sugihiro Hamaguchi


Masako Utsunomiya, Shungo Yamamoto, Yasuhiro Akai, Tsuguru Hatta

Hideaki Shimizu, Mikio Hayashi, Shunpei Yoshino, Sho Fukuoka, Atsuko Uehara

and Noriaki Kurita


Agenda 2   Chapter Business Report: June 2017 – Present (June 2018)

– ACP Japan Chapter Annual Meeting 2017 (

Last year, we held the ACP Japan Chapter Annual Meeting 2017 at the Kyoto University Clock Tower Centennial Hall and the Kyoto University International Innovation Center on June 10th and 11th, 2017. Since we expanded the venues (rooms) for the session, we could accommodate as many as 32 sessions (didactic sessions, workshops), 8 luncheon seminars, special sessions (Plenary session, Governor’s address, Dr’s Dilemma and ACP update), a poster session with almost 100 abstracts with best poster presentation on the following day, so we kept the number of the sessions which increased significantly every year since 2013. The Doctor’s Dilemma (Medical quiz session) attracted many contestants from hospitals all over Japan which ended with a much success and the some of the winners were selected as the members representing ACP Japan Chapter and just participated and did their best in the Doctor’s Dilemma held in Internal Medicine 2018 held in May, 2018 in New Orleans. The poster discussion was a very lively session with many participants with full of discussions. Three presenters with each representative of students, residents and young physicians were awarded and had a chance to give a presentation in the main hall the next day, applied to the Internal Medicine Meeting 2018 and seemed to get motivated by this wonderful experience. We had the immediate past president, Dr. Nitin Damle, who provided the educational talk at the plenary session and ACP update.

Agenda 3     Chapter Business Plan:

– Organizing the Annual Meeting 2018 of the ACP Japan Chapter (

On June 2nd and 3rd, 2018, we will organize the Annual Meeting 2018 of the ACP JC in Kyoto. Beginning last year, Kyoto University International Innovation Center was added to the venue of the Meeting as well as Kyoto University Clock Tower Centennial Hall to accommodate more attractive sessions and lectures. In fact, this year we accommodate 45 sessions with special sessions

The theme of the Meeting this year is “Mind & Arts as Essentials for Internists: Beyond Evidence and Technology”. We will address this very important issue in the plenary session, following the keynote lecture from the immediate past president of ACP, Dr. Jack Ende, with experienced physicians who practice medicine with mindfulness as guest speakers, discussing how we can raise the mindful care as well as technical part of medicine in the era of super-aging society with the frail elderly. In addition, we will offer sessions like Dr’s Dilemma (an inter-institutional Quiz tournament by teams of residents), the poster-discussion session, as well as the special talk by Dr. Jack Ende. This time, we also invite Dr. Muruganathan from India chapter of ACP to enhance the partnership with Asian chapters.


– Organizing the Annual Meeting 2019 of the ACP Japan Chapter

We are planning to hold ACP JC 2019 on June 1st and 2nd in Kyoto with the same venue as this year.

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