Chapter Business Report 2017-2018: SC

Student Committee

Chair: Natsumi MOMOKI


  • prepared for the session presented by the student committee at general meeting
  • had presentations about ACPJC at several workshops run by highly motivated students and young doctors, and let them know for example, what is ACP, what we do, or what we can offer them and to promote them to join in the general meeting


To recruit more new student members, we have to make plans other than just advertising by making use of mailing list and Facebook.

First and forecast, we have to get medical students recognize the presence of ACPJC. As student member’s fee is free and we offer them several privileges, we can expect them to join ACPJC member by having them know the advantages.

Although we offered student members discounts for our general meeting as one of advantages, we faced difficulty making them join our general meeting for this two years. To improve this situation, we would like to propose taking a survey to understand what medical student in Japan feel current circumstance is lacking in, and what they really need. That could give us one of the effective ways to make our general meeting be more unique.

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