The 5th RFC seminar – Deep Dive into Cardiology –

Tomohiro Hirai (Mie University)

Yoshito Nishimura M.D., Ph.D. (Department of General Medicine, Okayama University Hospital)

I believe every one of you might have felt cardiology is difficult to learn. In the 5th Resident-Fellow Committee (RFC) Seminar on November 10, is a solution for those people.

The RFC Seminar is held up to twice a year. In the seminars, we invite internal medicine subspecialists as well as doing a brief “Dr’s Dilemma” like session to disseminate the high-tiered, essential internal medicine skills to medical students and residents. Through the seminars, we aim to get them together to strengthen the community of ACP as well. The 5th RFC Seminar was held in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. The guest lecturers were Dr. Akio Kawamura, Professor and Director of Department of Cardiology, International University of Health and Welfare, and Dr. Atsushi Mizuno from Cardiovascular Center of St. Luke’s International Hospital. Approximately 30 participants gathered Tokyo for the seminar.

In the lecture of Dr. Kawamura, he showed us his career path as a cardiologist as well as his view on medical education and treatment of patent foramen ovale (PFO). He also briefly summarized the clinical implication and rationale to treat PFO, which was meaningful to generalists as well.

Dr. Mizuno organized a session in a group-work style to let participants learn “how to manage heart failure and its complications”. Through the session, participants acquired skills of initial managements, differential diagnosis and clinical management. All the participants apparently enjoyed his session.

Lastly in the afternoon, the RFC committee presented a small Dr’s Dilemma-like session. Not only the participants solved the quizzes, Dr. Mizuno also added clinical implications and reality in the frontline clinical field to every question and answer. We are sure that this was the way to get the most from clinical quizzes.

RFC plan to continue seminars like this. Through the seminars, annual meetings and so on, we hope to contribute to the further development of ACP Japan Chapter as well as the field of Internal Medicine in Japan.

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