Governor’s Message

Dear Fellow ACP Japan Chapter Members,

I hope each of you is enjoying a busy but wonderful season.
As the first year of my term as Governor of Japan Chapter, I’d like to express my appreciation for your support. And thanks to the members who helped us spending time and energy, especially lots of thanks to various committee members.

Now we are going internationally. The first Asian Regional Chapters Conference will take place in Kochi in India in August 2020. It was accomplished through endeavors of Governors from India, Bangladesh and South-East Asian Chapters.
The guest speakers from India and Bangladesh will participate in our Chapter meeting in Kyoto in June 2020. There will also be a guest from ACP headquarter in the USA, and we’ll have the first “Thieves’ Market” session in Japan, one of popular sessions in the Internal Medicine Meetings in the USA, which will be presented by Dr. David Scrase.

At the national level, we began to cooperate with both of Japan Primary Care Association and Society for Clinical Epidemiology. Its activity is called as “Primary Care Research Connect” or “PCR Connect”. The first conference of PCR Connect will take place soon in early this month, December 8th. Also we keep cooperating with the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine (JSIM), we are planning to hold a 2nd session with them in the coming JSIM annual meeting in Tokyo in April 2020.

Various committees in our Chapter are acting vigorously. For example, Resident Fellow Committee (RFC) is giving two clinical seminars a year for residents, and International Exchange Program Committee (IEPC) is trying to send young physicians out to oversea medical institutions for short-term study by observation. Other committees are working hard as well. The Japan Chapter is steadily progressing.

The best of the holiday season to you all and your families.

Kenji Maeda, Governor of Japan Chapter

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