ACP Japan Chapter Interim Report : Early Career Physicians Committee

Early Career Physicians Committee

Chair: Akihito Kawashima, MD

Shin-Yurigaoka General Hospital


1 .  What We Accomplished

  1. At the ACP Japan Chapter Annual Meeting 2018, we held a lecture session on “how to train speaking skills in English” for young doctors and medical students who have difficulty speaking out at international conferences because of language barriers.
  2. On June 21, 2018, we held a workshop entitled “English conversation   workshop for those who don’t want to be “a statue” (to become speechless because of language barriers) at international conferences”, a spin-off event of the lecture session at the Annual Meeting 2018.


2. What We are Working On

We’re supporting young doctors in teaching interns and in choosing their carrier paths.


3. What We Plan to Initiate

  1. We’re planning to hold a new event at the ACP Japan Chapter Annual Meeting 2019.
  2. We’re interested in application of advancing technologies in medicine such as AI or deep-learning. We’re preparing to make an opportunity for young doctors to learn about it and have discussions on how it might affect future medicine.

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