Meet the women physician leaders

Report from Women’s Committee about panel discussion at the annual session of ACP-Japan

June 2018,

ACP Japan Women’s Committee Chair; Noriko Yamamoto,MD FACP President of Yamamoto Clinic

ACP Japan Women’s Committee

Chair; Noriko Yamamoto, MD FACP

Co-Chair;Noriko Kawashima, MD FACP


Yuko Morishima, MD FACP,

Keiko Arai, MD FACP

Eri Kimura, MD

Panel Discussion; Meet the women physician leaders

3 June Sunday AM9:15 to 10:40 at Tokeidai Hall of Kyoto University


Yuko Takeda, MD FACP Professor of Jyuntendou university medical education

Mariko Ooishi, MD PhD President of 0oishi internal medicine clinic

Harumi Mukai, MD PhD Medical director of Abbvie GK.

Facilitator; Yuko Morishima, Keiko Arai

This panel discussion is aimed super female doctors talk about their work and life for young doctors.

Dr.Takeda had medical practices in USA and she became the professor of medical education back home in Japan.

Dr.Ooishi has been a medical practitioner for long time and she has been researched diabetic patients status and outcomes, for recent 10 years she has started diabetic medical coaching.

Dr.Mukai is a hematologist worked for many years at medical school of University of Tsukuba. She has changed her job to medical director of English Pharmaceutical company.

Three doctors are superwomen , the participant said how super they are! They talked very interesting stories about themselves and we were fascinated by their stories. Both Dr.Takeda and Dr.Ooishi said troubles have certain reasons to happen and it’s important to overcome them.

Next, the facilitators asked some questions.

Why did you want to be a doctor?

What was your most difficult events? And how did you manage it?

What was your turning points ?

What do you have attentions to direct your subordinate as leader?

What is your best time to relax?

At last, Co-Chair Dr.Kawashima had some Power Point presentations about Physician’s leadership and women’s communication.

I regret the time for this session was too short , we couldn’t have enough time to ask some questions from participants and comprehend their substantial words.  But we all had a very good time. The panelists have a lot of interest and energies for medicine and family matters, we’re also fascinated by them. Among their talk we learned a lot and moved very much.

The session by Women’s Committee would be believed for only women. But the problem of women in medicine would be also a big problem for men’s doctors. For example in work environment and regulations, work style and work-life balance. In Japan we need the reform of working style in medicine in these days.

On the other hand, medical organizations and colleges must set female executives definitely. And Japanese people will require mentor-mentee relationship more. But most of Japanese female is reserved and has no self-assertion. Japanese female doctors would need the advance to be assertive, not to be intrusive and have confidence because they have enough competence.

Time is changing, in Japan female doctors are getting more increasingly. But most of female doctors feel isolated and are not sure of their behavior for promotion and negotiation. It’s often said no female Role-Model around them to give them some advice.

We ACP Japan Women’s Committee have begun last July and we have very short duration to go into activities as committee, but we think we need to make networking and mentorship in ACP Japan.  We made our page in Facebook, the name of ACP Japan Women’s Committee. When we called to join the group of Facebook page,many female and male doctors joined the group. We were very encouraged by them.

We will keep working for not only female doctors but also male doctors. We hope to achieve the equity in medicine in Japan.

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