Chapter Business Report 2017-2018: LNC

Local Nominations Committee



We recruited the candidate of new governor of ACP Japan Chapter. And we selected Dr. Kenji Maeda MD, FACP as the candidate of the next governor and reported it to ACP headquarter.

The following ACP members were selected to receive each award.

–  Laureate Award

Yuko Takeda MD, FACP (ACP Number 1009004)

–  Sakura Award of Excellence

Haruko Miyamoto (The former clerk of ACP Japan Chapter)

–  Volunteerism Award

There is not an applicable person this year.

–  ACP Japan Chapter Contribution Award

Yugo Shibagaki MD, FACP (ACP Number 1245920)

Soichiro Ando MD, FACP  (ACP Number 1290215)

Harumi Gomi Yano MD, FACP (ACP Number 1098937)

Eiji Shinya MD, FACP (ACP Number 1064281)

Nobuhito Hirawa MD, FACP  (ACP Number 1271684)

The shield or the commendation with a pin badge is conferred on the prize winner.



–  Start to accept recommendations for 2019 Laureate Award, Volunteerism Award, Sakura Award of Excellence and ACP Japan Chapter Contribution Award.

–  Start to search candidates for Mastership next year

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