Chapter Business Report 2017-2018: HPPC

Health and Public Policy Committee

Yuhta Oyama MD, FJSIM, FACP


Planned and going to have a workshop at the 2018 chapter meeting titled “The road to an FACP – Why and how do we aim for it? -“


  1. Continue to develop a model to resolve common challenges on medical professionalism
  2. Preparation of criteria for COI disclosure of roles at ACP Japan Chapter (ACP-JC) and COI disclosure at annual meeting of ACP-JC
  3. Attempt to publish Choosing Wisely lists as the ACP-JC based on questionnaire of ACP-JC members
  4. Examine and discuss “End of life care” that would more suitable for Japanese medical circumstances
  5. Analyze the attitude of ACP headquarters towards COI and report it to the ACP-JC members

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