In the Clinic Japnese translation project. How to incorporate In the Clinic in daily practice: 5 minutes bedside teaching

Dr. Kitano : St. Marianna University Yokohama City Seibu Hospital, Emergency and Critical Care Medicine

5-minutes teaching held on 3rd Jun 2018 at Kyoto

In the Clinic Japanese Translation Project has been in progress which is one of the leading project of PRC (public relations committee). There have been more applicants than the actual slots for the translation teams. The first translated article of In the Clinic, which is HCV, has been posted on the ACP main chapter’s webpage this April. Through this project, our goal is to have the members of ACP Japan Chapter to be able to utilize the excellent ACP resources including In the Clinic.
At this year’s annual meeting, we have presented a practical workshop with the collaboration of ‘In the Clinic Translation Project’ and ‘Bedside 5-minute Teaching’ We prepared the 12 general rules = Bedside 5-munite Teaching, which are based on 6 articles of In the Clinic.
In this practical workshop, participants have output the Bedside 5-munites Teaching and at the end of the seminar, they appeared to find themselves be able to use the rules as part of their active knowledge in the clinical setting. We hope this workshop served as an eye-opener to get one out of a lifelong sense of insufficiency where one feel he/she is not acquiring active knowledge even with a lot of literature reading.


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