Governor’s Message

We Gotta Have Wa

Fumiaki Ueno, MD, MACP, MACG, AGAF

Governor for ACP Japan Chapter

What we have desired for a long time will come true soon.  We will have a joint session at the Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Internal Medicine in April 2019.  JSIM is a large medical society, holding more than 100,000 members.  They took aim at ACP, acknowledging our ability to attract and to inspire young generation, such as residents and students.  The Scientific Committee, chaired by Dr. Hamaguchi, is entirely in charge of planning the project.  This is truly a remarkable accomplishment in the history of our Chapter.  We already had collaborative events with Society for Clinical Epidemiology and Japanese Society of Hospital General Medicine.  We will continue to cooperate with other medical organizations for mutual benefit.


Internationally, we also had conspicuous achievements.  Our representatives joined ACP India Chapter meeting, and vice versa.  One of the members of our Chapter, Dr. Mikio Hayashi, has received International Fellowship Exchange Award.  This is highly competitive award, and he was elected with very high score among more than 30 nominees.  The International Exchange Program Committee, chaired by Dr. Makiishi, has been more active than ever.  They newly secured positions in Hawaii and Florida, and young members with high ambition will certainly get great opportunities.


The Japan Chapter is a small organization with 1,300 members.  Even though we have many talented members internally, we should not be isolated.  Instead, we will communicate, cooperate and collaborate with others of excellence.  A Japanese word “Wa” denotes harmony, which is historically the greatest virtue of Japanese.  We gotta have “Wa” nationally and internationally for our future.


My term as the Governor for ACP Japan Chapter will end in a few months.  I would like to thank you all for this opportunity to serve you for four years.  Your continuous contribution and support will make the Chapter more successful in the future.

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