Doctor’s Dilemma in ACP Japan Chapter Annual Meeting 2018 (2)


Dr. Uchiyama and I joined Doctor’s dilemma on behalf of our hospital. Doctor’s dilemma is one of the most popular part of Japan chapter, which is held every year in Kyoto. Luckily, We could win the championship. This article will be a simple report of my experience. It would be my pleasure if you get a rough image of what ACP Dr’s dilemma is and get interested in it.
Doctor’s dilemma is so called medical knowledge competition. Residents from many hospitals join it in pairs. More and more teams are taking part in it every year. The winner will be given the chance to participate in Doctor’s dilemma held in USA.
Doctor’s dilemma is divided into two parts, Preliminary and Final. In the Preliminary, we used smartphones to answer the questions. The questions were not so difficult, which made us a little bit nervous as losing even one question would be deadly. Ten team passed the Preliminary, which included us.
The Final started after short break. We answered 25 question from 5 areas, GIM, ID, Collagen, Nephro and Hemo. The questions were very practical and connected directly to what we do every day. We finished 25 questions at the second place.
The final question was to diagnose the case. I felt a little bit awkward because I have never seen the disease. However, the case was so typical that we were able to give the right answer. The final question was special because we could bet points as we wanted. We bet all the points and got our score double. We succeeded in making comeback to win.
It was a good match. Many factors contributed to our win. One of the reasons I would like to emphasize is that we belong to Tokyo bay medical center. We bought MKSAP with help and we use it as a self assessment literally. Attending stuffs are also very educative and nice. They Kindly cheered for us on the day. I strongly recommend you come to our hospital.
Finally, I would like to thank everyone who helped holding the ACP Japan chapter. I expect Dr’s dilemma to be even more competitive next year.
Keisuke Takano
Tokyo Bay Urayasu Ichikawa Medical Center

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