The 3rd Resident-Fellow Committee Seminar “Setting Out for the World Ahead!”


The 3rd Resident-Fellow Committee Seminar “Setting Out for the World Ahead!”

Department of General Medicine, Okayama University Hospital
Chair, Resident-Fellow Committee, American College of Physician Japan Chapter

Yoshito Nishimura M.D.

 We are glad to report that we have successfully finished the 3rd RFC seminar with a slogan “Setting Out for the World Ahead!” on April 15, 2018. In the seminar, we set up 2 venues: Room A for ones who want to acquire the most important skills related to internal medicine in daily clinical encounters, and Room B to for young doctors interested in the evidence-based medical educational skills. Despite April, the busy first month of the fiscal year, there were 62 participants total. In the room A, we have invited 2 significant guest speakers; Dr. Yuka Kitano from the St. Marianna University School of Medicine, Yokohama City Seibu Hospital, and Dr. Sou Sakamoto from the Juntendo University, Nerima Hospital. In a 90-minute session each, Dr. Kitano held the session “Practical 5-min Teaching Skills for Clinicians”, for which she even has a blog. Dr. Sakamoto gave an interactive lecture “Approach for Patients with Altered Mental Status”. All the 43 participants in the Room A seemed to be immersed in the world of those leaders, with serious yet amused looks on their faces. Dr. Tadayuki Hashimoto from Hashimoto City Hospital gave us a workshop with a motto “Residents as Teachers”. It was done in a completely bidirectional style with a lot of group works. Almost all the participants gave back us good feedbacks after all. In the 63 participants, 40 of them were ACP non-members, and 7 of whom enrolled onsite! We are looking forward to continuing the seminar, anticipating broader yet more solid committee management.

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