Seminar Report from IEPC

A Seminar focusing on how to get into a clinical training program overseas

Department of Infectious Diseases, Kameda Medical Center   Emiri Muranaka

A Seminar focusing on how to get into a clinical training program overseas held at the Aijinkai Rehabilitation Hospital on November 25th was a great success. There were 11 motivated attendees including medical students and young doctors from all over Japan.

The seminar kicked off with opening remarks from IEPC chairman, Dr. Tetsuya Makiishi. He welcomed attendees to our seminar, introducing them on our latest activities, including externship programs in Hawaii and Florida.

After his remarks, Dr. Yuji Yamada, who had just completed residency, described the details of residency training in the US and how to study English effectively.

The next session was given by Dr. Takahiko Tsutsumi, which was on mentoring young doctors who want to get into clinical training in the US. He told them how to prepare to get into and survive US residency. ※Oral presentation and so on.

The last talk was given by Dr. Mitsuya Katayama, who gave a presentation about the process of fellowship application and what the infectious diseases fellowship in US is like. He described the typical daily workflow, yearly rotation schedule, and differences between Japan and US in infectious disease practice and fellowship programs.

There was mutual agreement among them with a positive message: “Getting into a clinical training program overseas is tough, but not impossible.” All the attendees were motivated and listened to the lecturer with their eyes shining.

The last session was a highly clinically relevant workshop about the problem representation, a one-sentence summary that highlights the defining features of a case. The “one-liner” statement is used to summarize the patient’s case on rounds in the US.

A post-event survey was administered to all participants. We posed the question, “Did this seminar meet your expectations?”  The overall consensus on this question was a resounding, “yes,” as 100% of attendees indicated that this seminar did meet their expectations.

Overall, the majority of attendees found the workshop to be of value, and met their expectations. We will work to not only meet, but exceed attendees’ expectations in the future.

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