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International Exchange Program Committee

1. What we Accomplished

a. Clinical observership at Olive View Medical Center, University of California, Los Angeles was initiated in 2012, and ended as of August 2017. Since 2012 until the end of the program, there had been a total of sixteen observers through this program.

b. Drs. Masayuki Nogi and Jinichi Tokeshi, and other supportive local physicians at Department of Medicine, University of Hawaii kindly offered clinical observership for our two members in November 2017 and February 2018, respectively.

c. The committee has created evaluation criteria (evaluation sheet) for the candidates’ CVs and personal statement.

d. Mentorship has been introduced for each observer before, during, and after the observership.

e. An Email list serve for the alumni members of this program, committee members, and the ACP council members has been launched for a weekly report from the Olive View Medical Center by observers.


2. What We Were Already Working On

a. Revision of credential evaluation/support for the candidates


3. What We Initiated

a. More strategic recruitment for the candidates of the observership.

b. New members who are still early in their career (such as Drs. Yuji Yamada, Emily Muranaka) joined this committee to support the members to obtain international medical experiences.

c. After the obsevership at Olive View Medical Center, University of California, Los Angeles ended, our committee tried to find any new programs for clinical observership and Dr. Takahiko Tsutsumi significantly has contributed to explore and support the clinical observership program at University of Hawaii.

d. The committee will organize a seminar to help early career physicians understand clinical and research experiences they could have in international settings for physicians in early career at the annual meeting of ACP Japan Chapter in June 2018.


Seminar Notice

International Exchange Program Committee

ACP Japan Chapter Annual Meeting

Luncheon seminar

Time: 11:40-12:40, Saturday, June 2, 2018

“Why not pursue a global career path?”

Held by International Exchange Program Committee

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