International Exchange Program Committee ACP Japan Chapter Interim Report

International Exchange Program Committee

ACP Japan Chapter Interim Report

Chair: Tetsuya Makiishi, MD, FACP

Saiseikai Shiga Hospital

  1. What We Accomplished
  2. INDIA PROJECT Two members of the IECP, Tetsuya Makiishi and Takahiko Tsutsumi participated in the ACP India Chapter annual congress held in Lucknow, India from August 31th to September 2nd, and provided lectures to enhance the interrelationship between the two chapters.
  3. HAWAII PROJECT The committee has received one applicant for the externship in Hawaii under the supervision of Dr. Jinichi Tokeshi, clinical professor of Family Medicine at the University of Hawaii, John A. Burns School of Medicine. The committee has supported the candidates’ CV and personal statement before submission. The externship is planned in January, 2019. One of the IECP members will be assigned as a mentor to support the candidate before, during, and after the externship.
  4. What We Were Already Working On
  5. FLORIDA PROJECT By the courtesy of Dr. Jerald Stein, well known for his dedication to medical education in Japan, a three-week externship program at the University of Florida was offered to two members of the ACP Japan chapter. The committee has been involved in a selection process for this program. Their externships are planned in early 2019.
  6. DOMESTIC PROJECT We are having a seminar focusing on how to get into a clinical training program overseas, mainly the US, at the end of November in Osaka.
  7. What We Initiated
  8. We started to interact with the ACP India Chapter as mentioned above to seek for the possibility to establish an exchange externship program between the two chapters in future years.
  9. We started to support the externship program at the University of Florida as mentioned above.
  10. What We Plan To Work On
  11. We plan to continue and further develop each PROJECT mentioned above.
  12. We plan to create a network among the members of the ACP to facilitate sharing information and know-how about working overseas as a physician.