Keynote Lecture 01
From the needle otoscope to another tympanoscope
Yasuya NomuraYasuya Nomura
Keynote Lecture 02
The Future of Ear Surgery is Looking Up; Heads Up Surgery with the Endoscope and Exoscope
Seiji KakehataSeiji Kakehata
Keynote Lecture 03
Benefits of endoscopes in retro- and translabyrinthine skull base surgery
Per Cayé-ThomasenPer Cayé-Thomasen
Keynote Lecture 04
EES:past, present and future
Livio PresuttiLivio Presutti
Keynote Lecture 05
Endoscopic Insights into the Eustachian Tube
Muaaz TarabichiMuaaz Tarabichi
Keynote Lecture 06
Regeneration of cochlea. Cell transplantation? Artificial cochlea?
Juichi ItoJuichi Ito
Keynote Lecture 07
Development of innovative treatment for middle ear mucosal regeneration by cell sheet technologies
Kazuhisa YamamotoKazuhisa Yamamoto
Keynote Lecture 08
When and how to intervene in atelectatic eardrum and adhesive otitis media in children
Yukiko IinoYukiko Iino
Keynote Lecture 09
The endoscope in lateral skull base surgery
Daniele MarchioniDaniele Marchioni
Keynote Lecture 10
IWGEES address: Endoscopic Ear Surgery Today: A Myth or Reality?
Mohamed Badr-El-DineMohamed Badr-El-Dine
Keynote Lecture 11
How Endoscopic Ear Surgery Changed My Otological Surgical Practice
Manuela FinaManuela Fina
Keynote Lecture 12
Robots in Ear Surgery
Marco CaversaccioMarco Caversaccio
Keynote Lecture 13
EES Video - Assessment and Surgical Safety
Nirmal PatelNirmal Patel
Keynote Lecture 14
Inner ear imaging / regeneration
Konstantina StankovicKonstantina Stankovic
Keynote Lecture 15
The Use of Exoscope in Ear and Skull base Surgery
George WannaGeorge Wanna
Keynote Lecture 16
The Procedure of Tympanic Membrane Regeneration under Endoscopic Ear Surgery
Shin-ichi KanemaruShin-ichi Kanemaru