To the EES2022 4th World Congress in Kyoto participants
Proof of Vaccination Registration and Masks in Japan

This email is to remind everyone that to enter Japan you need to either provide proof of vaccination (original two shots + one booster for a total of three shots) or a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of departure.

TFurthermore you will need to register this information online and have it approved by the Japanese government. Information and instructions for registration can be found in English at the following urls.

General information ---

More general information --

Setting up an account

A PDF drafted by the EES Office of the Secretariat with tips on how to register can be found here

If you are having real problems registering, feel free to contact the for help.

Masks in Japan

To the EES2022 Community

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Melinda Hull and I have been helping out with the preparations for the 4th World Congress. I am also a long-term foreign resident of Japan who has weathered the pandemic from my apartment in Tokyo.

In the spirit of “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, I am writing this message to the EES2022 Community to make a request on behalf of all residents in Japan including both Japanese nationals and foreign residents which is . . .

Please mask up!

Since the majority of you are surgeons, I do not anticipate that this request will be viewed as unreasonable. Thus, we ask that you and anyone accompanying you to wear masks inside all buildings including the Congress venues, on public transportation, in public areas of your hotels and whenever you are close to someone else. In principle, “when in doubt, mask up!”

Thanks so much in advance and see you in Kyoto!

Melinda Hull
Office of the Secretariat
4th World Congress on EES in Kyoto