1. Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Community Care and Health-Social Services

Studies with EU, USA, Canada, and Australia are being conducted in evaluation of professional skills for health-social services, systematizing care management, and developing human interface for assistive devices.

2. Lifespan Development and Environment

Scales to evaluate the magnitude of interaction between person and environment (named Index of Child Care Environment, ICCE, and Interaction Rating Scale, IRS (for child) and Social Interaction Scale, ISI, and Interaction Rating Scale for Adult, IRSA (for adult)) are developed by community based longitudinal study for decades.

3. Health Promotion and Community Empowerment

Comparative researches are being managed by intervention studies.

Definition of Empowerment:

4. Child and Elderly Abuse Prevention
5. Human Interface with Universal Design: Artificial Intelligence,  Assistive devices, Housing, and Community Environments
6. Focus Group Interview
7. REFERENCES (e-Book)

Empowerment Lab

All participants share their dreams of what they would like to do, and conduct experiments and implementations to realize their dreams.

Empowerment Professional

Empowered Personnel Training.

Empowerment Cafe

Setting up a forum for information exchange.

Empowerment Web

Providing information and interactive communication using the Web.

Empowerment Forum

Formation of a center for sharing knowledge and skills.