Program-Features of the University of Tokyo Medical Innovation Initiative-


  • Undergraduate and graduate (masters and doctoral course) students from the Faculties of Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Engineering
  • Resident physicians


*It is unique in that it includes resident physicians.

Educational Objectives

  • Cultivation of the ability to ascertain the medical needs
  • Cultivation of the ability to resolve issues through case studies of the development of pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • Cultivation of project management and business management abilities

Personal Attributes to be Cultivated

  • A person who demonstrates management ability backed by business skills, and is able to create new values in the medical field
  • A person who possesses the expertise to identify the medical needs and promote translational research that ties into the results of advanced research (seeds), who also can contribute to creating new medical technology and a new medical industry through collaboration with specialists from differing fields

Personal Attributes to be Cultivated

Curriculum Features

[Providing learning opportunities]

[Career support]

  • Mentorship system
  • Assessment based on unique assessment systems and feedback sessions