Program-Mentorship system-

Mentorship system

Mentorship system

  • This program provides mentorship.
  • Two faculties will provide support to each student as mentors
    (career counseling and course consultation).
  • For more details, please contact adminstrative office.

Assessment system / Feedback sessionss

  • At the beginning of the year, students are asked to make self-assessment to formulate a "goal" and a "concrete action plan".
  • At the end of the fiscal year, students carry out self-assessment again to see whether goals were achieved or not.
  • Submission of self-assessment sheet is not a compulsory requirement to complete the studies, but it is mandatory for interns.
  • The institutions accepting the interns will evaluate them on the same points. Lecturers for each subject will also assess students to the extent possible.
  • The assessment by the interning institutions and lecturers will be conveyed to the students at the year-end feedback session.
  • Attendance at the feedback session is not mandatory, but "to find out how others see you" is a great opportunity as you develop into individuals who "lead other people".
    Please take advantage of this opportunity.