Yasuyuki Suzuki, President of JSME Yasuyuki Suzuki, President of JSME

The Japan Society for Medical Education (JSME) was founded in 1969 with the aim of enhancing and developing medical education. JSME is an academic organization with more than 2,600 members with various backgrounds, including 150 board members and 23 executive board members, and publishes educational practices and research results through academic conferences, Journal of Medical Education, and various committee activities. We are also promoting exchanges with organizations around the world, including the World Federation for Medical Education and Association for Medical Education in the Western Pacific Region.

The healthcare is rapidly changing not only in Japan but also in the world, with the change of demographic composition, change of diseases, the advancement of medical technology, and globalization. The mission of JSME is to nurture future doctors and healthcare professionals who have capabilities to adapt to the changing world through better medical education.

"All doctors and healthcare professionals should have an educational mindset." We value this phrase and hope to expand the academic activities of JSME. To realize this, the potential capacity of young educators and investigators are indispensable, and we would like to support them who will be the leaders in the future medical education.

July, 2016
Yasuyuki Suzuki, MD, PhD,
President, Japan Society for Medical Education
(Medical Education Development Center, Gifu University)