Message from Director

Kyushu University Hospital Director of International Patient Support Center
Director of International Patient Support Center

Naoki Nakashima MD, PhD

International Patient Support Center at Kyushu University Hospital supports smooth visit for overseas patients. We have more than 10 years of experience calculated from the former International Medical Relation Office (established in 2005).

Kyushu University Hospital is a medical facility which provides highly advanced medical care for almost all fields including dental department. All departments have one doctor who is in charge for matters related to international patients to provide effective and safe medical care. International Patient Support Center has a doctor and medical translators (English and Chinese) not only to support international patients who seek advanced medical care but also to deal with the growing number of international tourists emergencies.

The hospital is located in, a cosmopolitan city, Fukuoka. It is only 15 minutes’ drive from Fukuoka Airport which has many directs flights come and go from Asian countries such as China, Korea and Taiwan. In 2017, the hospital was newly accredited by Japan Medical Services Accreditation for International Patients from The Japan Medical Education Foundation. We aim for improvement of service quality even more.

Welcome to IPAC

Kyushu University Hospital operates a large number of advanced surgery and treatment. The number of oversea patients who seek advanced medical care has been rapidly growing in recent years. We have established “National University Medical Cooperation Network” to correspond these inquiries by consulting doctors in this hospital and others.On the other hand, Referral and appointment system applies to foreign patients residing in Japan as Japanese patients.
We support smooth visit of overseas patients and prepare the environment for each department to concentrate on provision of advanced medical care.


  • Vice Director Nobuyuki Shimono MD, PhD
    Vice Director

    Nobuyuki Shimono MD, PhD

    Director at Center for the Study of Global Infection,
    Associate Professor
  • Doctor in charge Rikako Sagara, MD
    Doctor in charge

    Rikako Sagara MD

    Assistant Professor
    (Clinical Service)
  • English Interpreter Mika Matsumoto
    English Interpreter

    Mika Matsumoto

    Technical staff
  • Chinese Interpreter Shi Ying
    Chinese Interpreter

    Shi Ying

    Technical staff
  • Administrative Assistant Mayuko Miyazaki
    Administrative Assistant

    Mayuko Miyazaki