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Election of Directors

Election Administration Committee
Section 1
The Election Administration Committee shall be established for all paperwork related to the election and management.

Section 2
A chairperson shall be appointed from among the members by the President. The Board of the Committee shall consist of a Chairperson and several members. The members shall be nominated by the Chairperson and appointed by the President.

Section 3
The Board of Members shall establish election guidelines for every election.

Section 4
A regular member of the JCLAM who is on the membership list on April 1 of an election year shall be qualified as a person eligible for elective office.

Section 5
A regular member who is on the membership list April 1 of an election year shall be qualified as an elector.

Section 6
The Board of Election Management shall determine candidates by self-recommendation and recommendation by regular members in the JCLAM.

A vote and the official counting of votes
Section 7
The ballot shall be conducted as a joint ballot with three candidates, and the ballot sheet including the candidates shall be sent by postal mail and e-mail. However, A joint ballot with the same candidates shall be treated as a candidate.

Section 8
The ballot counting shall be conducted within seven days following the end of the time for receiving ballots. The chairperson shall immediately publicize the voting results using JCLAM-ML, bulletin, and the other ways.

Success in election
Section 9
The Board of Directors shall determine seven successful candidates in order of decreasing number of votes, once the ballots have been counted. When the number of successful candidates would exceed seven people because of receiving the same number of votes, the Chairperson of the Election Administration Committee shall determine the successful candidate using a lottery.

Supplementary rules
Section 10 The Board of Directors shall determine revision and termination of this rule.

Section 11 This rule shall be put into effect on April 1, 2012.

Section 12 When the first election would be opened, the President of the Japanese College of Laboratory Animal Medicine(JCLAM)shall be named as the President of the Japanese Association for Laboratory Animal Medicine (JALAM).

Last Revised on August 25, 2015.