PQJ2024 開催挨拶 井上鐘哲 PQJ2024 Opening Remark by Kaneaki Inoue

Welcome to PQJ, everyone. I’m Kaneaki Inoue, an internal medicine doctor and the PQJ secretary-general.
Today, we welcome eight teams from three countries in the world to Izumo, known as the land of the Gods. The teams include last year’s defending champions, University of Ljubljana from Slovenia. Let me congratulate all of you for participating in PQJ.
On New Year’s Day this year, a huge earthquake struck the Noto Peninsula, which is 600 kilometers north of here along the Sea of Japan, claiming the lives of 241 people. 172 countries expressed their support and solidarity, and DMAT teams rushed from various parts of Japan and Taiwan, saving numerous lives.
When we look at the world over the past few years, the events like COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, Turkey–Syria earthquakes, and the Israel-Gaza war have caused a large number of casualties, and each time, healthcare professionals worldwide have united to tackle them.
It is true that the primary goal of PQJ is to determine the world’s No.1 in knowledge of medical physiology. Nevertheless, the more significant goal is to connect healthcare students around the world.
Through the quiz competition, you will learn a lot from the intelligence of your rivals, respect their dedication, and develop invaluable connections with them.
I hope your experience at PQJ will be the beginning of your journey into international medical collaboration.
Now, let’s aim for the top of the world. Enjoy PQJ!
Thank you very much.