In our laboratory, we have been working on “Nutrigenomics” as a key concept to figure out how the genome is read to control nutrient flows, why foods can make us both healthy and sick, and how fasting and time-restricted feeding extends our lifespan.

The following are some of the specific topics we are trying to address:


  • Continue to elucidate nutritional signaling in terms of nutrients as information carriers via trans-omics analyses.


  • Try to identify “nutritional signals” (of health-related nutrients such as n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and amino acids) and the “fasting response” pathways, through a new enhancer analysis method using in vivo imaging (in vivo Ad-luc analytical system).


  • Develop an innovative platform technology (TFEL: transcription factor expression library) for clarifying the entire transcriptional regulatory network of energy metabolism.


  • Screen transcription factors matching causal SNPs using TFEL (TFEL SNP scan).

  • Elucidate the effects of tumor suppressors in terms of insulin resistance as a negative feedback mechanism.

  • Approach the regulatory mechanisms of energy metabolism from chemical biology by screening of new bioactive compounds.

  • Clarify the mechanisms of adipo-hepatic balancing in phylogeny/individual development, and apply it to the treatment of obesity.

  • Develop a lifestyle guidance service for diabetes based on genomic polymorphisms. ⇒For more information, visit the Habitus Care website.

  • Promote “Delicious Diabetic Food” through collaboration with COOKPAD and “Delicious Health“. For more information, visit the “University of Tsukuba’s Safe Menu” website.