Introduction of the laboratory

Our laboratory (Nutrigenomics Research Group) is based on the Laboratory of Molecular Physiology on Energy Metabolism, which was established in the Graduate School of Medicine at the University of Tokyo from 2008 to 2011. Since then, we have been working as a research group spanning the University of Tsukuba, the University of Tokyo and Jichi Medical University.

Our scope is to elucidate how nutritional signals regulate gene expression and adapt individuals to their nutritional environment, using original methods to directly analyze the interaction between nutritional signals and the genome in animal bodies. (Group head: Naoya Yahagi)


What’s New

November 17, 2021
Published in iScience


We elucidated the mechanism how insulin transcriptionally controls the flow between fat, glucose and protein.
“FoxO-KLF15 pathway switches the flow of macronutrients under the control of insulin.” iScience, 2021.
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March 15, 2021
Experimental Medicine Extra Issue

Experimental Medicine Extra Issue “Obesity research in the era of precision medicine” was published on March 15.
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August 01, 2019
Monthly “The CELL” Issue

In the August 2019 issue of the monthly “The CELL”, a special feature entitled “Starvation Response and Energy Metabolism Control as Seen from Organelles” was published.
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September 05, 2016
Experimental Medicine Extra Issue “Nutritional signaling, a new leading player in gene control

Experimental Medicine Extra Issue “Nutritional signaling – A new leading player in gene control – Transcriptional regulation by sugars, lipids, and amino acids – Nutrigenomics connecting homeostasis mechanisms and diseases” was published on September 5.
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August 18, 2016
Published in Cell Reports