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Outline and Activity

Office of Support for Platforms for Advanced Technologies and Research Resources
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Database of Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research

General Management Group

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We organize briefing meetings and symposia to promote utilization of the support activities and share relevant information. We try to improve our brand image and service through publicity and dispatch of latest information via our website and one-stop contact service. We hold technical training courses and workshops to foster young scientists and facilitate their network formation. We hold outcome presentation symposia to facilitate cross-sectional interaction between broad areas of life scientists and figure out accomplishments and challenges in the support activities.

Members for this support

Mutsuhiro Takekawa (Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo)
Jun-ichiro Inoue (Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo)
Takuro Nakamura (Institute of Medical Science, Tokyo Medical University)
Masahiko Takada (Center for the Evolutionary Origins of Human Behavior, Kyoto University)
Hiroyuki Seimiya (Cancer Chemotherapy Center, Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research)
Yutaka Kondo (Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine)