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Outline and Activity

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FY 2022 Research Support Plan

(1) General Management Group Click here for the details

We organize briefing meetings and symposia to promote utilization of the support activities and share relevant information. We try to improve our brand image and service through publicity and dispatch of latest information via our website and one-stop contact service. We hold technical training courses and workshops to foster young scientists and facilitate their network formation. We hold outcome presentation symposia to facilitate cross-sectional interaction between broad areas of life scientists and figure out accomplishments and challenges in the support activities.

(2) Support Group for Animal Model Construction Click here for the details

We construct the standard genetically modified mice with the homologous recombination and genome editing technologies. Further, upon request from researchers, we construct the genetically modified mice with special backgrounds, or we introduce additional mutation to the conventional mouse model. We effectively and swiftly construct genetically modified mice with the advanced genome editing technology. With the originally developed genome editing technology, we construct and provide genetically modified rats and BAC transgenic rats.

(3) Support Group for Pathological AnalysiisClick here for the details

We support the researcher’s research with our analysis technology mainly using optical microscope to conduct pathologic diagnosis on irregularities that animal models (mice or rats) develop due to cancer, developmental anomaly, disorder of autonomic nervous system, inflammatory disease, and autoimmune disease. We also digitalize or quantify the images to follow until the paper has been accepted.

(4) Support Group for Physiological AnalysisClick here for the details

We offer the physiological analysis support to elucidate the basics of physiological condition of the model animals such as mice. Behavioral analyses group will analyze abnormal activities of the genetically modified mice. Physiological analysis group will analyze diseases based on the clinical data and genome specimen of the susceptibility test of the controlled substances. Group for operational analysis in optical technology will provide and share the basic technology which contribute to in vitro and in vivo optogenetics. Group for data analysis using multifunctional electrode will provide the multi-functional electrodes capable of detecting the deep tissue to investigate the physiologic function.

(5) Support Group for Molecular Profiling Click here for the details

We estimate the physiological activity and effect of the compounds of the applicant’s interest, based on the cell line panel, transcriptome analysis, and proteome analysis. We continue to expand the database for increasing its accuracy. We prepare and distribute the inhibitor kits and the deposited chemical libraries. We design and prepare siRNAs optimized for research purpose. We distribute microRNA library containing important miRNAs. We provide analytical and technical support using shRNA libraries. We expand the comprehensive database, and provide and expand the analysis software.