Publication notice: White Paper on Social Prescribing (Orange Cross)

The “White Paper on Social Prescribing,” written in part by Naoki Kondo and Daisuke Nishioka of our department, has been published.

Some of the people who visit medical institutions have various social issues.
Social prescribing” has been attracting attention as an approach to addressing such issues.

This white paper examines how “social prescriptions” can be tailored to the actual situation in Japan.

It is rich in data and illustrations. We hope you will find it useful.

Orange Cross Japan Foundation Project to Study the Japanese Version of “Social Prescription” (website)

White Paper on Social Prescription (PDF)

Nishioka, Daisuke; Kondo, Naoki. Literature review on cases and effects of social prescribing: Possibilities and challenges of how to deal with patients’ social issues in Japan. Medicine and Society, 2020, 29.4: 527-544.
Available at (in Japanese):

Daisuke Nishioka s website is here.

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