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Educational Programs

Educational Programs

The JSID Summer School (Aoba Juku)

 From 2017, the Japanese Society for Investigative Dermatology (JSID) has launched a seminar named Aoba Juku (the JSID Summer School) focusing on earnest young doctors. Aoba is the Japanese word for fresh green leaves, imaging the young people who absorb energy quickly and grow up rapidly.
 JSID has held Kisaragi Juku (the JSID Young Academician-Fostering Seminar) since February, 2010. This seminar aims for training the talented and enthusiastic young doctors as dermatological researchers. This seminar is keeping producing great results from the aspect of strengthening connection and friendship of young researchers and promoting the basic research in dermatology field throughout Japan. In order to further intensify the research activity, it is indispensable to recruit more and more talented doctors into this field. In recent years, with changes in the clinical training system, it is regarded that fewer and fewer young doctors in any medical field are showing interest in research careers.Dermatology is no exception and it is assumed that there are many young doctors who hesitate to explore the basic research. On the other hand, eagerness for research is important for a doctor who specializes in clinical medicine. The aim of Aoba Juku is to increase the number of young doctors who get interested in dermatological research.
 Aoba Juku is not only for young doctors aiming to start basic research but also for those who are still hesitating to open the door of research field. We wish that all attendees experience the joy and beauty of science in dermatology. Also, in Aoba Juku, the young doctors can make friends with each other at the same time as getting to know many tutors who have enthusiasm in dermatological research. This tight network from the early phase will help the young researchers to develop their careers. There will also be a synergistic effect of Aoba Juku and Kisaragi Juku. It will be our great pleasure to see young attendees of Aoba Juku show zeal for basic research and come back to Kisaragi Juku as more motivated and enthusiastic scientists.

 We accept one attendee from one university as a general rule. The capacity of this seminar is 35 persons. Candidates for Aoba Juku are not supposed to have started dermatological basic research.
 Aoba Juku is open for young doctors who belong to Department of Dermatology in Japan.
 We strongly desire that Aoba Juku will become a big starting gate for the attendees to get to know the splendid world of science in dermatology.

Manabu Fujimoto, President, JSID
Manabu Ohyama, Secretary-General, JSID
The committee on Young Academician-Fostering Seminar: Takuya Takeichi, Keitaro Fukuda,
Mari Kishibe, Saeko Nakajima, Aiko Sada, Takashi Sakai, Hanako Yoshioka
Apply to: JSID Office

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