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How to Apply for Membership

How to Apply for Membership

Download the membership application form, fill it in following the procedures described below, and send it to the Shunkosha Inc. Japan by FAX or E-mail attachment. Applicants will be registered as members when payment of the membership fee is confirmed.
Even though the membership fee is transferred, applicants will not be admitted and will not be able to browse the society journal, JDS, online until the registration information is input completely into our computer system.

Membership application form (PDF/33 KB)

Membership application form (EXCEL/17 KB)

(I) Procedures for filling in the membership application form

  1. Print clearly, since all items in the membership application form are to be input into a computer.
  2. Enter the name of your affiliated institution, including the department, subject and course names in the case of a university; department name in the case of a professional affiliation.
  3. Under academic background, enter the name of the last school that you graduated from, and the graduation year. Enter the research course name if you are currently in a master's or doctoral program; the school name and your current academic year if you are an undergraduate student.
  4. When applying for a student membership, attach a copy of your student identification card or a student registration certificate to the application form.
  5. Information on the society's activities shall be delivered solely by e-mail. Please make sure to write your E-mail address on the membership application form.

(II) How to pay the membership fee

Since April 2022, the membership category and membership fee have been renewed.

Admission fee (for Regular Member and Student Member): ¥3000 (JPY)

Annual membership fee
Regular Member: ¥15,000 (JPY) (No charge: first year)*
Student Member: ¥9000 (JPY) (No charge: first year)*
Oversea Associate Regular Member: ¥3000 (JPY)
Oversea Associate Student Member: ¥3000 (JPY)

*Temporary discount is applied to first-time new members until the end of 2025.

  1. Former Japanese Members and Overseas Members are integrated as Regular Members, however, the former Overseas Members can make a request to become an Oversea Associate Regular/Student Member.
  2. For Oversea Associate Student Members, when 4 years pass after joining and there is no declaration of student, the membership category will be transferred to Oversea Associate Regular Member.
  3. Please note that Oversea Associate Regular/Student Members don’t have access rights to browse JDS online.

An invoice will be issued and sent to applicants within one month of the membership application form being sent; please pay the membership fee by credit card.

Where to send the application form

Shunkosha Inc.
Shinjuku Lambdax Bldg., 9F, 4-12, Okubo 2-chome, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0072 Japan
TEL: +81-3-5291-6231
FAX: +81-3-5291-2176

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